U.S. Doctor Champions Abortion Pill Reversal, Giving Women ‘A Second Chance At Choice’

March 19, 2019 Updated: March 24, 2019

A pro-life doctor from Tennessee shared an illuminating post on Facebook in November of 2018, showing that abortion pill reversal can work. The photo sparked a flurry of conversation on the subject. In sharing the successful delivery of a baby whose mother initially elected termination, Dr. Brent Boles is making additional choices available to women who may change their mind after ingesting medication that would terminate their pregnancy.

Recently I did this delivery, and am sharing the picture with the patient’s permission. You see, when a woman takes the…

Brent Boles 发布于 2018年11月12日周一

Dr. Boles shared a photo of himself in the delivery room, clad in scrubs and a surgical mask, holding a newborn baby proudly in his hands. The baby was successfully delivered by cesarean section. “Recently I did this delivery,” he captioned, “and am sharing the picture with the patient’s permission … You see, when a woman takes the abortion pill, she often immediately regrets it.”

“This patient did exactly that.”

Dr. Boles implies that his patient, the mother of the healthy, newborn baby in the photograph, represents a distressing demographic of women who, for a multitude of reasons, change their minds after pursuing a termination.

The non-surgical route to pregnancy termination can be administered up until the tenth week of pregnancy, and is a two-part procedure. The first step involves the patient taking a drug called Mifepristone which blocks the hormone progesterone—this hormone stabilizes the walls of the uterus and protects the growing foetus. Mifepristone causes the uterine lining to break down. Step two comprises a drug called Misoprostol, which completes the termination, but a number of medical professionals, such as Dr. Boles, are now advising that there is a chance the foetus could be saved if this second step is omitted.

Ostensibly, the abortion pill reversal works by administering a “replacement” dosage of progesterone to the expectant mother, in the form of a pill, and the treatment continues throughout the first trimester of pregnancy.

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AbortionPillRescue, an affiliate of pro-life pregnancy help organization Heartbeat International, offers further advice and guidance.

Dr. Boles’s patient took Mifepristone but then changed her mind. Many pregnant women are frightened by stories that a mid-procedure termination reversal could result in birth defects. However, Dr. Boles says that this is not always the case. “Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t,” he clarified, “but as you can see—it is worth the effort.”

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Abortion Pill Reversal 发布于 2018年8月10日周五

The subject of abortion pill reversal has been under the spotlight for some time. George Delgado, Physician and Clinical Professor at UC San Diego, published an enlightening study in a 2018 volume of the medical journal Issues in Law and MedicineThe reversal pioneer claimed that doctors’ efforts to reverse the effects of the combined drug treatment are successful for up to 68 percent of women within a certain parameter: 68 percent of women who pursue abortion reversal within 72 hours of taking the first pill will carry a healthy baby to full term.

Delgado added that the reversal procedure entailed zero increased risk of birth defects.

AbortionPillRescue also quotes Delgado among their physicians’ testimonials, sharing that Delgado sees the option for abortion pill reversal as “an avenue for emotional and spiritual healing.”

Abortion is a hugely contentious issue; autonomy and choice are of the utmost importance. For many women, circumstances dictate that their freedom to exercise free will is hugely compromised. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is, for some, a desperate move and a desperate measure.

To quote Delgado, these women certainly deserve “a second chance at choice.”