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The United States is entering a moment of extreme division and turmoil: conservatives and liberals are in conflict, traditional values clash with progressivism, communist and anti-communist forces are in a cold war, there is a war between Russia and Ukraine, and there is a nuclear threat. Inflation and skyrocketing prices have led to a world that has never been more chaotic and confusing.

The media, which used to show mutual respect, is now severely divided. Left-wing and right-wing media accuse each other of being fake news, and the labels of extreme left and extreme right are thrown around indiscriminately. Journalists and media outlets are no longer respected and trusted as they once were. If you want to report the truth, you have to be very brave, like a warrior, because you will be attacked, canceled, fired, and sued, more than in any other period in history. We know that a significant number of Americans lack confidence and optimism in the media. However, we have hope that we can regain the trust of the American people through honesty and integrity.

Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, we have never lost hope in our mission to report the truth. Our commitment to journalistic integrity has not wavered, even in the face of adversity.

Two decades ago, the founders of The Epoch Times came to the United States with the dream of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the pursuit of happiness. We deeply admire the founding fathers of America, were inspired by the American people, and believe that a nation founded on rights and virtues is a great hope for us and our families. We established a non-profit media company to report the truth independently of any corporate, political, or financial agenda. The Party in China used to say "your voice is our voice," but it was a lie. Our aim is not to enforce our perspective on you, but to amplify your voice.

Today, we are being attacked, arrested, canceled, and sued, not only by the Chinese Communist Party, but also by U.S. government agencies, big tech companies, and the mainstream media. We've struggled for years, facing unimaginable difficulties—sleeping in the office, working seven days a week, spending months away from our families in cities across America, and even decades away from loved ones left behind overseas. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, we have never lost hope in our mission to report the truth. Our commitment to journalistic integrity has not wavered, even in the face of adversity. Our offices have been broken into and only a few years ago our printing presses were torched, but we have continued to persevere. The outpouring of support from millions of readers and friends who continue to encourage us has given us the strength to carry on. We are inspired by their commitment to upholding the values of freedom and democracy, and we will not be silenced in our pursuit of the truth. They share Epoch Times with their friends and family. We receive heartwarming letters and donations every day. We often see the hope of America and the world's future in these kind men, women, and children. With the understanding that "Truth Brings Hope," our beliefs motivate us to work tirelessly day and night.

Our Outlook


To be recognized as the ‘paper of record,’ the world’s most trusted and admired media company, and the organization that will restore, by its example, the best practices and highest principles of journalism.


The Epoch Times Association is dedicated to seeking the truth through insightful and independent journalism, standing outside of political interests and the pursuit of profit, in order to serve the public benefit and be truly responsible to society. We inform readers about current, important topics; broaden and uplift minds; and promote rational and balanced debate, as is critical to fostering a healthy republic and a compassionate society. We investigate issues overlooked or avoided by other media outlets, focus on what is good in society rather than on what divides people, and report respectfully, compassionately, and vigorously. Our mission is inspired by our founders’ personal experiences in communist China and their efforts to bring honest, uncensored news despite oppression and violence.

Our Values


Adhering to the standards of factual accuracy and impartiality, thus delivering on a commitment to transparency and fair, objective communication.


Empathizing with others; refraining from retaliation or personal attacks; engaging in respectful discourse about constructive solutions to common problems faced by those of varied--sometimes opposing--viewpoints.


Supporting and enlightening our readers, taking their well-being and human dignity into account, by writing for them--about the things that matter most to them.


Acting in accord with the ethical ideals we proclaim; refusing to compromise on matters of truth, accuracy, impartiality or justice.

Social Responsibility

Promoting content that showcases the best of the human experience, the pinnacles of human cultural achievement, and the well-being and flourishing of our readers.

Our Team

The Epoch Times was founded in 2000 with a clear purpose: to uncover and share the truth amid a human rights catastrophe in communist China. Since then, our focus has expanded internationally and our team has grown and strengthened around our shared goal, working in solidarity to provide high-quality, unbiased news and information. We have cultivated a community of professionals who share our values, including journalists, editors, designers, developers, customer service professionals.

Learn more about us below.

Our Story
Why do millions of people trust The Epoch Times to report the news truthfully and fairly? Our subscribers and followers tell us that our coverage is honest, brave, and uncompromising. We refuse to allow political or ideological bias to tarnish our practice of investigative excellence. That’s why The Epoch Times is the world’s fastest-growing, most dependable media company.

A article on the origins of communism we published in 2017.
By going back to its roots, our stories strive to reestablish Truth and Tradition as the essential pillars of authentic journalism. Telling the truth is the cause which prompted a few Chinese Americans in an Atlanta basement to found The Epoch Times. We’ve grown into a well-respected institution while sticking to our roots, delivering you news and information that you're unlikely to see from our colleagues in the legacy media.

But beyond just reporting the news, our team is cultivating a return to balance and positive hope for the future. We envision a world where people are truly informed and free, and where the scourge of Marxist ideology has been eliminated. Now, we’ve all experienced a multi-year lockdown of our basic liberties—including free speech. So you know that standing up for the truth isn’t always easy. We get that. Since our humble beginnings at the dawn of the 21st century—when we hand-assembled our first newspaper issue in an Atlanta basement, we have been targeted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for our reporting on its crimes against humanity. Our reporters have been attacked, jailed, and defamed. Our Hong Kong press was set on fire in 2019, and they’ve assaulted our staffers and vandalized our newsstands beyond China’s borders. But we continue to overcome routine censorship, deplatforming, and targeting by the legacy media, big government, and big tech. We are stronger today than we were over two decades ago.

Our 2004 editorial series “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” inspired a grassroots movement for Chinese to quit the CCP. To date, about 410 million have quit. Despite being banned in China, The Epoch Times is the premier news source for millions of Chinese who use VPNs to circumvent the Great Firewall. Our dedication to the truth has earned us a network of underground informants in China who relay accurate information to us, especially when the CCP is violating the rights of Chinese citizens. In spite of the force of an entire party against us, The Epoch Times has become a multinational media that spans 35 countries and 22 languages.

Every subscriber who joins us moves us along the road of freeing America from the snares of communism using its most potent adversary, knowledge. We are holding the line against destructive agendas that encroach upon your liberty, fighting for you and for future generations. Knowing that there are people like you out there, people who understand the value of free speech and a free press—that’s what keeps all of us going at The Epoch Times.

We don’t take marching orders from any government, corporate entity, or special interest—and we never will. We answer only to our readers—those people who yearn for freedom and who value our commitment to “Truth and Tradition.” We are proud to cover the issues that you care about most, every day—most importantly, we want you to know that you're not alone. We listen deeply to our readers and present to them the kind of real discourse that can only be found in a free society. We believe you have the right to evaluate objective, nonpartisan reporting and then form your own opinions.

Our story is your story too, and we hope you’ll turn the page of the next chapter with us as we work together to restore Truth and Tradition.

Why #1 Trusted News Source

Editorial Independence

1. Truly Independent

The Epoch Times is a totally independent nonprofit orgnization. We're not affiliated with any of the six major corporations that own the vast majority of media in the United States. 

Our mission is inspired by our founders’ personal experiences in communist China and their efforts to bring honest, uncensored news despite oppression and violence. 

You can read more about that here and here.

2. Rated as 'Center' in the Allsides Blind Bias Survey

In September 2021, Allsides released the findings of its August 2020 Blind Bias Survey, in which more than 2,000 people across the political spectrum rated the media bias of five different news outlets blindly, seeing only their content and editorial choices.

The Epoch Times was rated against four major media outlets: The New York Times, The Associated Press, the BBC, and Bloomberg.

Final bias ratings are typically arrived at via a combination of methods, including surveys, editorial reviews (conducted by a team that includes a balance of people from the left, center, and right of the political spectrum), third-party data, and independent research.

Below are visualizations of the data collected.

3. The Epoch Times Has Never Endorsed a Political Candidate

The Epoch Times has built a team of reporters who are dedicated to seeking and reporting the truth regardless of whether what they find conflicts with their personal biases.

The Epoch Times is so committed to this principle that it has never endorsed a political candidate for office.

4. Our reporting Isn't Beholden to the 'Official Narrative'

As an independent news organization, The Epoch Times is not beholden to corporate interests and lets the facts lead where they may.

For example, in 2017, while most other media organizations reported that President Donald Trump had colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election, The Epoch Times did its own investigation and reported that "despite allegations, no evidence of Trump–Russia collusion [could be] found."

Our findings were later corroborated in reports by both special counsel Robert Mueller and special counsel John Durham.

During the aftermath of the 2020 election, when credible allegations emerged of electoral fraud and were dismissed by media organizations out of hand, The Epoch Times dispatched its reporters across the nation to investigate.

When COVID-19 broke out around the world, The Epoch Times investigated the possible origins of the virus and the CCP’s handling of the crisis. The Epoch Times has since been at the forefront of its reporting on COVID-19, as well as the vaccines and growing concerns over side-effects.

5. Banned and Demonetized

In today's world, being targeted by Big Tech and the legacy media often means you're doing the right thing.

For The Epoch Times, it has also meant losing crucial revenue streams and being cut off from American audiences. We have been demonetized on YouTube, blocked from advertising on Facebook, and shadowbanned on several social media platforms, in some cases, due to pressure from advocacy journalists.

Many of our contracts in the United States and Canada have been broken after companies received phone calls or written communication from Chinese embassies or other front groups of the Chinese Communist Party.

These are the main reasons why we rely on a subscription-based funding model rather than an advertising based model.

Journalistic Credibility

The Epoch Times practices traditional journalism.

Our reporters are required to get all sides of a story and allow someone who is being criticized to respond.

Our reporters are guided by the highest code of conduct and ethics in their reporting.

The Epoch Times’ commentary can only be found in a distinct “Opinion” section.

The Epoch Times strives to maintain accuracy and uphold journalistic integrity by following our editorial guidelines on source verification and our editing process. When errors are discovered after publication, The Epoch Times promptly issues corrections or clarifications.

Here are some examples of our articles and documentaries that have stood the test of time:

Recognition and Awards

Michelle Rea of NYPA (C), stands with Epoch Times staff members (L-R) Benjamin Chasteen, Robert Counts, Dane Crocker, Rowena Tsai, Seth Holehouse, and Cindy Drukier at the 2015 New York Press Association and Trade show in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., on March 28, 2015.
Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Sigma Delta Chi Awards:

The Epoch Times won this prestigious award in 2012 in the category of "Non-Deadline Reporting" for its work on a series of reports on the Chinese Communist Party's atrocity of forced, live organ harvesting.

New York Press Association (NYPA) Awards:

The Epoch Times has been recognized by NYPA for its excellence in various categories.

Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) Awards:

The Epoch Times has received recognition from the AAJA for its contributions to journalism.

CONTENT2020 Awards:

The Epoch Times and EpochTV's "Crossroads" program won awards in the News & Journalism category—the Truth in Journalism Award and the Best Video Magazine Award, respectively—at the CONTENT2020 media summit.

Readership and Audience Trust

The Epoch Times receives constant feedback from grateful readers. Here are some examples:

I love reading your outlet, I’m a big fan, a longtime fan, first-time caller.
–Michael Knowles, Political Commentator
I think your coverage is thoughtful and balanced in a way that I haven’t seen elsewhere, and I say this, by the way, as a former senior vice president of CBS News. I would say that I know a lot about media and journalism.
–Jeff Ballabon, Former SVP, CBS News
I think what’s important is to develop alternative sources of real information to counter the fake news. The Epoch Times, for example, has morphed from what originated as a small newspaper dealing primarily with issues related to China to an international newspaper that is now one of the best in the world. So, in the newspaper space, we need publications like that.
–Dr. Peter Navarro
I congratulate you and the Epoch Times for the work you’re doing, especially with regards to keeping the menace of the communist threat in front of us.
–Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Military and Intelligence Analyst
It’s our favorite paper. It’s the first one we read.
Thank you so much for your reporting of the news.
–Paul Gosar, U.S. Representative for Arizona
They are the folks who are out there promoting the truth. [...] They are real news. They are what we used to call journalists. They are not asserting their opinions. They are telling you what it is and letting you make your own decisions. [...]
We not only enjoy The Epoch Times, we also want to support The Epoch Times because they are real journalists who are taking the truth and bringing it to the masses, [...] not just here in America but around the world.
–Chris Widener, NYT & WSJ Bestselling Author
Knowing the truth and having something like Epoch Times that brings it forward to people I think is fantastic, and I subscribe.
–Tony Robbins, Author, Coach and Speaker
Our Reach
Epoch Media Group is a global media company. We produce 22 language editions distributed in 36 regions and countries. Our branches or news centers are located in:

United States

Manhattan, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C.


Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver

Latin America

Mexico, Brazil, Argentina


Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung)


Australia (Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Queensland), New Zealand


France, Germany, Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Norway), UK
Our Products

Epoch News

The Epoch Times is the fastest-growing independent news media in America. We are nonpartisan and dedicated to truthful reporting.

We are free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party—and this is what makes us different from other media organizations. Our goal is to bring our readers accurate information so they can form their own opinions about the most significant topics of our time.

We don’t follow the unhealthy trend of agenda-driven journalism prevalent in today’s media environment.

Instead, we use our principles of Truth and Tradition as our guiding light. We highlight in our reporting the best of humanity, the valuable lessons of history, and traditions that are beneficial for society.


Epoch TV

EpochTV is a streaming platform for our exclusive programming, which covers not only investigative news analysis, in-depth interviews, award-winning documentaries, but also lifestyle and entertainment videos.

EpochTV is our solution to big tech censorship, providing our audiences news and analysis based on the principles of truth, integrity, and unbiased reporting. Our original documentaries such as The Final War, The Real Story of Jan. 6, and Shadow State, to name a few, have gained a reputation for providing reliable and credible truth courageously, making it a go-to source for audiences.

EpochTV enables audiences to enjoy watching exclusive programming free from censorship.

EpochTV.com  or  

Epoch Health

Epoch Health's mission is "H.E.A.L.", which means to benefit individuals and society through a Holistic, Empowering, Accessible, and Leading approach to health.

H stands for "Holistic." We recognize the interconnections of the mind, body, and soul, and take a whole-person approach to health. This involves addressing all aspects of an individual's well-being, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

E stands for "Empowerment." We aim to empower individuals to take control of their own health and well-being by spreading evidence-based information.

A stands for "Accessibility." We are committed to providing health resources that are accessible and inclusive to all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances.

L stands for "Leading." We also aim to be leaders in the health media industry by promoting evidence-based knowledge and innovative approaches to health and well-being.

Epoch Health sorts through an endless mass of conflicting research and questionable claims to bring our readers content that is trustworthy, well-researched, and uplifting.



In addition to dedicated news and opinion sections, which are separate categories in our daily and weekly newspapers, we also feature sections covering Life and Tradition, Mind and Body, and Home.

Mind & Body

Sharing the expertise and successful protocols of a large pool of researchers and doctors for information, the Mind & Body section provides readers with key insights into their bodies, mental acuity, and well-being.

Life & Tradition

We feature stories of individuals who work toward enhancing our communities, as well as provide helpful tips to support your family and improve your quality of life throughout the year.


From DIY projects to gardening guides, money management advice, and clever household hacks; this section offers practical tips, expert advice, and ideas to help you cultivate a peaceful, comfortable, and contented living space.

American Essence Magazine

This is a magazine for Americans who love their nation. It is a magazine that focuses on traditional American values and great American stories. It tells the stories of real Americans who take individual initiative to make their lives and the lives of others better. It offers stories of heroes and regular folks from the past and the present who took the high road. These are stories of generosity and goodness that inspire us to look at things in a better light.

The magazine’s main content focuses on the best of America. Regular features include stories of the Founding Fathers, great Americans, small farms, beautiful landscapes, small-town living, American artists, historical buildings, Made in America products, and people who exemplify achievement, creativity, and enterprise.

Q & A
What are fundamental differences between The Epoch Times and other media?

#1 Standards
The Epoch Times is the first and only media that exposes the true nature, impact, and ultimate goal of communism. We explain its damage to moral foundations and Eastern and Western traditions. We also discuss the outcomes of socialism and its impact on the economic and political stability of countries. We believe that the media has a duty to be upright and responsible to society.

#2 Fearlessly Independent
While six corporations own 90 percent of media outlets in the United States, the fastest-growing independent news media in America, The Epoch Times, is free from the interests of political parties, governments, and corporations. Our news media has never endorsed a candidate for office. We receive our funding from our readers. Our writers have the freedom and the responsibility to tell the truth.

#3 Printing Stories That Need Telling
With the goal of becoming the foremost newspaper of record, we encourage our journalists to explore stories others don't. We have a particular devotion to publishing stories that are censored either by Big Tech or mainstream media. We are restoring the voices of “silenced” Americans.

#4 Morality Focused
Our work to revive Truth and Tradition can only be accomplished if morality is our guide. We strive to be a leader in ethical journalism and see our work as an expression of our character. We report critically on ideas and cover purposeful solutions. We do not engage in personal attacks. Readers trust us because of our unrelenting commitment to these values.

# 5 Mission Driven
22 years ago, a few Chinese immigrants in Atlanta felt an obligation to counter propaganda with facts. They witnessed a human rights catastrophe unfolding before their eyes and founded The Epoch Times to expose the perpetrators, the Chinese Communist Party. Two decades later, our countless exposés have inspired millions of Americans to take action. We are unwavering in our belief that honest journalism is integral to justice.

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The Epoch Times is driven by its mission, not by money.

One of the biggest threats we face is the struggle between freedom and communism. Many Americans haven’t realized or paid much attention to this struggle, but it's a battle The Epoch Times has been covering from the front lines for the past 23 years. We are happy that more and more people have begun to pay close attention to this threat.

The biggest socialist/communist regime on this planet is the Chinese communist regime, which is one of the biggest threats to the free world. We at The Epoch Times know well its true nature.

Our efforts alone are not enough. We need you to be a part of this journey.

By joining together, we can win this battle for our country's freedom. Subscribing to The Epoch Times will equip you and your communities with the facts that can help you make up your own minds and contribute positively to society.