How do I subscribe to The Epoch Times newspaper?

Visit to subscribe online. Or call our hotline at (917) 905-2080 to subscribe by phone. 

How is The Epoch Times different from other media?

The Epoch Times is the fastest-growing independent media in America. 

We are different from other media organizations because we are not influenced by any government, corporation, or political party. Our only goal is to bring our readers accurate information and to be responsible to the public. 

We don’t follow the unhealthy trend in today’s media environment of agenda-driven journalism and instead use our principles of Truth and Tradition as our guiding light. 

What is the relationship between The Epoch Times and Falun Gong?

Beginning in the summer of 2000, the founders of The Epoch Times sought to pit honest, factual reporting—the truth insofar as they were able to discover it—against the lies, disinformation, and censorship of the Chinese Communist Party.

They had a powerful reason for doing so: They practiced the spiritual discipline of Falun Gong, which the Party had set out to eradicate. Family, friends, and colleagues were endangered as the full weight of the communist state was brought against them.

The Epoch Times was started as a Chinese-language website in part to oppose this brutal persecution by bringing the benefits of a free press to the Chinese diaspora and, through the internet, China itself.

There have been consequences for this independent media outlet that dared to take on the lies of one of the most powerful nations on earth. In the fall of 2000, underground bureaus in China were rolled up. Several of our staff received long prison sentences and suffered horrific torture.

Here in the United States and around the world, Chinese consulates sought to turn the Chinese community against The Epoch Times. Cyber attacks have often been launched against our servers. In Hong Kong, thugs attempted to smash our printing press.

But The Epoch Times has not only endured, it has prospered. Our Chinese-language edition is the biggest independent Chinese media outlet in the world, and our English-language edition is now the fastest-growing newspaper in the United States.

The secret to The Epoch Times’ success lies in its beginning: a fierce independence and a dedication to telling the truth. Readers around the world are hungry for news that is independent of governments, corporations, or political parties. And they want an alternative to the agenda-driven news that unfortunately dominates so much of media today.

The Epoch Times seeks to restore the best of journalism by offering fact-based reporting guided by our principles of Truth and Tradition.

While The Epoch Times was founded by Falun Gong practitioners, it is an independent business that neither represents Falun Gong nor is owned by it.

What is your strength in reporting?

Readers regularly tell us that in finding our media, they have discovered an old-fashioned newspaper that reports without editorializing its news. 

They have found particularly valuable our coverage of “Spygate” (the efforts by former Obama administration officials to derail President Donald Trump’s campaign and then his administration), the crisis on our southern border, socialism and its penetration into American society, the crimes of sexual trafficking, the fight for freedom in Hong Kong, the political struggles within the Chinese regime, and the atrocity of forced organ harvesting in China.

Readers also regularly praise our lifestyle section. They enjoy cultural reporting devoted to the best in human culture through the ages, a health section with a holistic approach, and the lessons to be learned from the good contained in traditional approaches to life.

How do I contact you?

Please visit our Contact Us page to find out how to reach our different departments and offices. 

How do I get one of your ‘Spygate’ posters?

We offer our “Spygate” infographic poster as a gift to new subscribers of the print edition. Visit to find out about current special offers. You can also buy the poster at 

How can I submit a letter to the editor?

We love hearing from our readers. Please send letters to the editor to [email protected]. Your letter may be published in our national edition on the “Readers’ Turn” page!

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