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PREMIERING 10 PM ET: Equipping The Persecuted | America’s Hope (Dec. 1)

Dec 1, 2023
Christians are reportedly the most persecuted group of people in the world. In Nigeria, the slaughter of Christians demands international attention. In this episode of America’s Hope, we examine how radical Islamic groups are terrorizing Christians throughout Nigeria. The leaders of Equipping The Persecuted and Truth Nigeria discuss how they ...
PREMIERING 10 PM ET: Equipping The Persecuted | America’s Hope (Dec. 1)
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America is divided as never before. Where can we find hope? How can we return to the values outlined by our Founding Fathers? Kelly Wright with NTD's "America's Hope" searches out stories and inspiration from across different backgrounds to find the answer.
About Kelly Wright
Kelly is the host and creator of America’s Hope. He was formerly the host and creator of The Kelly Wright Show and The World Tonight on the Black News Channel. Also, he worked for 15 years at FOX News as the co-anchor of America’s Headquarters and co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend. The Emmy award-winning journalist has over 30 years of news and entertainment experience. Kelly is a journalist, musician, author and speaker, known for his love of people; with a message of faith and hope.