Woman Spots Baby Boy Ejected From Deadly Car Wreck and Leaps In to Rescue Him

August 6, 2019 Updated: August 11, 2019

It’s not all that unlikely that you’ll witness a terrible car accident at least once in your life, perhaps pulling over to make a witness statement afterward. Not too many would find themselves pulling a survivor from a car wreck—but it does happen to some.

Tulonga Neputa’s maternal instincts kicked into high gear when she spotted a baby boy who apparently had been ejected in the midst of a recent car wreck in South Africa. She and her party were driving when they came upon the vehicle accident that had just taken place, and they immediately pulled over.

Neputa could only think of her own children when she instantly opened the car door and leapt out. One of her companions began recording the scene on video. Neputa is seen rushing toward the wreck in search of the child, praying to God the whole time.

“God, you don’t take this one. You cannot claim this one.” 🙏 😮

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Seconds later, she was seen returning with the child in her arms, a boy later identified as 8-month-old Dex, who was crying uncontrollably at the scene. Neputa was panicking and praying.

She tried to sooth him. She rocked the child and continued praying. She told him repeatedly, “Don’t cry baby, everything will be fine,” GodUpdates reported. Eventually, the boy did calm down.

After the incident, Neputa explained to the media, “He was bleeding from the mouth and nose.

“One of the other motorists said it looked as if his arm was broken, and we had to handle him very carefully.

“I was so worried about that boy. When I had to hand him over to the paramedics at the accident scene, I prayed and prayed he would be okay because I did not know if his parents were killed in the accident.”

When she finally handed the baby over to the first responders, she let out a final prayer, “God, you don’t take this one. You cannot claim this one.”

Yet, in the heat of the moment, Neputa was so focused on saving a life that it only dawned on her later the gravity of what she had witnessed. It was a truly horrific scene.

“The dam just burst,” she said via GodUpdates. “I saw again the scene. It was horrific, with body parts everywhere.”

After the heroic footage that Neputa’s friend had taken was posted on social media, it went viral. Not only that, but Neputa even began to get messages from admirers all across the world—from as far away as New York and North Carolina.

Our little baby boy is ok! It’s beyond our understanding how he survived this horrific accident! It’s a miracle. 🙏We…

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An emotional reunion between Tulonga and and little Dex whom she saved from a car wreck recently. Viva Namibia, viva unity!Photo: Informante- Niel Terblance

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Meanwhile, she expressed her disappointment in seeing so many bystanders too busy taking pictures with their phones rather than rescuing victims of the horrible crash. She also shared her message with the world, telling people to slow down and “have empathy towards one another.”

Thankfully, Neputa’s prayers were answered and Dex is doing fine, although sadly, his grandfather and four others were killed in the crash. She was able to reunite with the child later, when she took the opportunity to thank God. “When he saw me today he put out his hands so I could pick him up,” she said. “Praise God, I was so happy to hold that boy.”

She has also become closer to Dex’s family and said that she considers him like a third son.