Woman Catches Man in the Act: ‘Your Phone Even Touched My Inner Thigh’

March 24, 2019 Updated: March 25, 2019

A woman caught a man who she claims was taking an inappropriate video of her while she was waiting for a subway.

The woman grabbed and held onto the man after accusing him of taking an inappropriate video posted to Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, on March 18. The altercation took place in Zhejiang province China.

Poor treatment of women has been exacerbated in the last 30 years by China’s one-child-policy. There have been more reports of Chinese women choosing to take a stronger stance against this type of treatment since 2018.

According to the video, the woman involved in this altercation was 23 years old. The names of the individuals were not provided, and their faces were blurred. The person filming the video appeared to have been an acquaintance of the victim.

Skirt Confrontation

In the video, the woman could be heard shouting, “I’ve caught you!” as she and the man interlocked arms and scuffled for a moment. She then screamed “Save me!” at the top of her lungs.

Skirt harassment
(user:Irritable Appearance/Weibo.com)

As the two struggled, the woman’s right hand latched onto his smartphone. As man attempted to pull his the phone away, the woman grabbed onto his coat. “Don’t vilify me, alright?” the man then pleaded.

Skirt harassment
(user:Irritable Appearance/Weibo.com)

“Listen,” she said in a loud, assertive voice. “I’ve already reported you to the police.” Another person from out of view holds onto the man’s wrist.

Skirt harassment
(user:Irritable Appearance/Weibo.com)

“I caught you today, so I’m not letting you go,” the woman told him again. The man then put on his backpack, which almost got knocked off in the initial scuffle. He was silent from that point on.

Skirt harassment
(user:Irritable Appearance/Weibo.com)

“You’ve been secretly taking videos of me since last week,” the woman said to the man as everyone around stood in silence and watched. “Your phone even touched my inner thigh.”

Skirt harassment
(user:Irritable Appearance/Weibo.com)

The man then looked away from her slightly. She repeated to him that she caught him, and was not going to let him go.

“I’ve already filed a case [with the police],” she says.

Harassment in China

Young women in China have become more vocal about opposing sexual harassment recently.

On March 4, a 17-year-old high school student went on television news and accused her former art teacher of raping and assaulting her for four years. The man accused was her former art teacher. The girl said that the sexual abuse began when she was only 13 years old.

Sexual abuse in certain universities in China is also widespread. A senior commentator on China, named Han Lingguo, said that one of China’s top universities has unspoken rules about professor-student relationships. He suggested that sexual harassment of female students is an open secret.

Li Youyou, a Chinese woman living in Canada, said online that her friend committed suicide 20 years ago because of harassment from a professor. In an interview with Radio Free Asia, Li also said that this was a reflection of Communist Party behavior. She said keeping mistresses and harassing women is very common among party officials.

One Favored Child

For about 30 years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) enforced a one-child on all parents in China. In 2016, the CCP began allowing parents to have two children on certain conditions.

But the societal damage was already done from all the previous years of the policy. A significant gender imbalance was created by many families’ desires to have a son. Some Chinese families believe that it is a son’s responsibility to take care of elderly parents, and also, only a son would pass on the family name.

As a result, many baby girls were abandoned or aborted. State-run Chinese news website The Paper said that over 20 million girls have gone unaccounted for in the last 30 years for these reasons.

The World Bank estimates that the ratio of men to women is about 115 for every 100 girls. This will lead to a large number of men being bachelors for their whole life not by choice.