Woman, 94, Wants To Buy 5 Seconds TV time To Share 3 Words. When They See It, They Do It For Free

January 21, 2019 Updated: January 21, 2019

This old woman had a dream to put an inspirational message on TV. Her story moved the TV station management so much that they decided to fulfill her request free of charge.

Shirley Batchelder, 94, has lived a “fantastic life,” as she said in her own words. She was married for 57 years to her husband, who was “as handsome as can be.” She raised three kids who now have grandkids to her heart’s content. But despite all this, there’s still one thing left on her bucket list: She wants to buy five seconds of TV commercial time to share with the world three simple words: “Love one another.”

Shirley Bachelder 发布于 2015年11月14日周六

Shirley reached out to Nashville TV Station WSMV for help to make this wish come true, and the executives were so touched by her request that they gave her the TV time for free. In this way, her message would be seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers across the world.

“I heard from Hong Kong, Canada, England, lots of places in England. I heard from so many people. If we could love one another, the world would be a better place,” Shirley told Fox 10 TV.

Shirley Bachelder 发布于 2015年12月14日周一

Shirley’s message, although simple, has touched many people’s hearts. She shared: “So many people have said, ‘It changed me, made me think of things in a different way.’” People even sent her beautiful bouquets to express their gratitude.

Shirley Bachelder 发布于 2016年4月18日周一

There was even an Army soldier who saw Shirley’s message on TV, and it changed his worldview. “He had just about given up on people, thinking that they hated each other, when he decided after he’d seen the video that there was love in the world,” Shirley said.

Although Shirley at last checked off this last bucket list wish, she doesn’t plan to stop there; she now plans to write a book. “It’s called, ‘Sometimes, You Just Have to Smile.’ It’s a humorous book,” she said. Despite all the excitement she’s generated, she gives most of the credit to God’s intervention, as she believes He played a big part in spreading the love.

Easter 2016.

Shirley Bachelder 发布于 2017年2月13日周一

Please check out the video below to see Shirley’s inspiring story: