When You’re 92 Years Young, a Bike Like This Is Exactly What You Need

March 20, 2019 Updated: March 26, 2019

Getting stuck at home can be quite monotonous at times for elderly people, but for one 92-year-old in Idaho, she no longer had to stay at home after her family built her a special bike.

Since her younger days, Rosemary Sorce, of Boise, has loved bike riding, but with age catching up with her, she can’t do it anymore. So, her family found her an alternative.

The Blessing Bike 发布于 2018年11月4日周日

“I was on Facebook and saw a video from Copenhagen,” her daughter, Jill, told KTVB.

“A volunteer built a bike and was taking seniors all over the place, and I was watching the looks on those people’s faces and then looked at my mom on the couch, who I would take out in a wheelchair and then said to Wade (her husband), is there any way you can make something like this?

“And he said like he always does … I think I could make that!”

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Wade added that they built the bike from scratch after finding an old cargo bike on Craigslist and dismantling it.

When the couple presented the special bike to Rosemary, she loved it.

“This is lovely. I like the freedom to be able to go outside!” Rosemary said. “It makes you feel good and you feel loved! You’re not just sitting around.”

The Blessing Bike 发布于 2018年11月2日周五

With Jill riding around on her new set of wheels, now called Blessing Bike, Rosemary is able to enjoy the scenery every day for a couple of hours, and when on the streets, the bike attracts quite a bit of attention.

“People will honk, people will physically stop us!” Jill said.

The Blessing Bike 发布于 2018年11月2日周五

“We had a man stop us on the street, and he pulled over in a parking lot and physically stopped us on the road and just started crying and said ‘I wish I had this experience for my mom, how do you build a bike like this? What do you do?’”

The Blessing Bike 发布于 2018年11月2日周五

“So I think this isn’t just about us, it’s about what we can do we can all do for our elderly family members in helping them experience this season in their life at the very end as much as possible,” she added.

Perfect fall day to bundle up on the Blessing Bike for Rosemary to bring birthday flowers to a friend. Happy birthday…

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And nothing can be compared to being able to spend precious time together.

“When we are on that bike, the things that she tells me about her childhood and her experiences are stories I’ve never heard,” Jill said.

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