Walgreens Staff Files a Theft Report. When Cops Show Her an Envelope, She’s Speechless

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
May 4, 2019 Updated: June 11, 2019

An Arizona woman thought she had to work extra shifts to recoup her hard-earned money, which was stolen one day before surveillance cameras. However, she got a surprise visit from a group of officers from Glendale Police  Department not too long after, who presented her an envelope that brought tears to her eyes.

The woman, identified only as Valerie, of Phoenix, Arizona, works two jobs—one at Walgreens, and another at an elementary school—to support herself.

In late November 2017, Valerie, 60, went to the bank to withdraw $160—which was intended for her electrical bill and a phone payment.

Following the visit to the bank, she went to Walgreens on 83rd and Glendale avenues to make a couple of purchases. She met her friends at the store and started talking.

It was only after leaving Walgreens that she realized her money was gone. She had accidentally left the Desert School’s envelope with the $160 on the store’s counter.

She returned to Walgreens, but unfortunately, her money was nowhere in sight.

Dismayed, Valerie then filed a police report with Officer Bill Downey, explaining she would need to work extra shifts to recoup her losses.

Officer Downey later brought Valerie’s misfortune to the attention of Officer Wes Zygmont. While discussing the case, the two officers decided to lend Valerie a hand.

To raise the money needed to help Valerie, Officer Zygmont reached out to all day shift officers and staff in the communications team. Amazingly, the teams jointly raised $1,000 for her.

One thousand dollars is a big sum of money. So, imagine Valerie’s reaction when Officer Downey and Zygmont, along with some other officers, showed up at Walgreens to present her the donated cash, contained in the same Desert Schools envelope.

“Merry Christmas!” one of the officers said. “Take care of yourself, ok?”

Taken by surprise, Valerie was speechless and in tears.

“Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed.

Moved by the officers’ generosity, Valerie gave each of them a big hug.

“I didn’t expect to cry today,” Valerie said.

“She was overwhelmed and we were able to video the event against Officer Downey’s wishes!” shared the Glendale Police Department in a Facebook post.

This heartwarming moment, captured on video, has since garnered more than 1.3 million views, with many praising the awesome officers for showing compassion toward a hardworking Glendale resident.

“These are the thoughtful things the majority of officers do! In addition to putting their lives on the line every single day!” one Facebook user wrote.

Another added: “Really awesome. That’s what I call ‘above and beyond.’”

According to the Glendale Police Department, video surveillance shows a suspect leaving with Valerie’s money after purchasing some beer.

The culprit, 44-year-old Lisa Lovett, eventually turned herself in.

Watch the video:

Last week Officer Bill Downey took a report from a 60-year-old female. She works two jobs to support herself, one of which is at an elementary school. Late last week she went to her bank and withdrew some money that included $160 for her electric bill and a phone payment. Afterwards she went to Walgreens and purchased a couple of items and inadvertently left the Desert Schools envelope with $160 on the counter as she talked with a friend. She left the store and then later realized she had left her money, which was then stolen.The video surveillance shows a suspect purchase some beer and left with the victims money. The female was upset as she explained this to Officer Downey and was going to have to work extra shifts to recoup the money.After taking the report Bill was talking about this unfortunate incident with Officer Wes Zygmont and they wanted to help the victim. Officer Zygmont put out a message to all dayshift officers and communications in an attempt to get officers to donate to help the victim recoup her $160. The officers as well as folks in Communications stepped up and were able to raise $1000 dollars!As a show of unity they met at the Walgreens where officers Downey and Zygmont, along with some of the officers who participated, presented her with the donated cash in the same desert schools envelope which was stolen. She was overwhelmed and we were able to video the event against Officer Downey’s wishes!A video of the event has been included.The suspect did turn herself in and was booked on charges.

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Photo courtesy of Glendale Police Department – Arizona (Website | Facebook | Twitter)