Video of Thailand Cop’s Incredible Handling of Knife Wielder Goes Viral

January 15, 2019 Updated: January 15, 2019

One of the toughest situations for a police officer to evaluate involves individuals who are dealing with mental health struggles or are facing utter desperation.

This officer from Bangkok, Thailand, has gone viral, though, because his approach towards a troubled individual—his reaction in the face of immediate, apparent danger—seems to demonstrate the golden standard in conflict deescalation and compassion.

The officer, Anirut Malee, was standing around the Huay Kwang police station in downtown Bangkok when another man burst through the front doors.

The exchange, caught on the station’s security cameras, showed Malee immediately thrust into a dicey situation. The man, having taken leave of his senses, wielded a knife, which he brandished threateningly in front of the officer.

Anirut Malee 发布于 2017年6月29日周四

Rather than immediately opting for violence or aggression of his own, though, Malee tried to calm the situation down before attempting anything else.

He reached out in front of him calmly and slowly, talking to the man and asking for him to hand over the knife. He clearly saw the anguish in the man’s eyes, rather than outright insanity or rage, and hoped that some quiet and peaceful conversation would help the man realize that the officer was just there to help him.

To everyone’s amazement, the man reluctantly handed over the knife—which was impressive enough in its own right.

Malee’s actions next, though, were what truly took the world by storm.

Instead of tackling or handcuffing the man, the officer, a large and powerful-looking bloke himself, took a step forward with arms open wide and offered a comforting embrace—it was clearly what the situation called for more than anything else—before the man was able to be taken elsewhere for a mental health evaluation.

The interaction went viral for the compassion shown from Malee, with thousands viewing the footage from across the globe.

Attacker pulls knife on officer, what happens next has the world amazed.Share to honor this officer's bravery 🌹 发布于 2017年6月28日周三

Malee, who has been an officer for 23 years, spoke about the incident with news stations later and explained that he was just trying to do what he’s always been trained to do.

“We try to negotiate first,” he explained. “I could have wrestled him down and taken his knife away, but what if he ended up hurting himself?”

It turned out that the man had been devastated over a series of events that had served as a breaking point that week. He had been cheated out of his salary by his employer, and then someone had stolen his guitar.

Later, Malee gave the man a new guitar, explaining to him that it wasn’t worth getting into trouble by engaging in acts of violence. And although some questioned whether his behavior put him in danger, he insisted that it was all about reading the situation.

“If a suspect was really threatening, we have a sniper for that,” Anirut said. “But for this case, I could handle myself. It was just a knife … we had training about this.”