Video of Man Offering Homeless Person $50,000 for His Dog Teaches Us About Friendship

January 12, 2019 Updated: January 12, 2019

Although one can spend a pretty penny for a brand-new, purebred puppy to gawk at and show off, there is only one thing that will make their tails wag, and that is love. Likewise, the unconditional loyalty that a dog well-loved pays back to their masters is priceless … and we have the video to prove it.

In a social experiment, armed with a hidden camera, Joey Salads—another one of those social media personalities popping up these days—pays a visit to homeless dog owners on a beach, each with an adoring, four-legged friend by their sides.

With a suitcase full of cash, he approaches each prospect and makes a shocking proposal: to exchange their loyal pooches for bundles of dollar bills. It’s amazing to observe their reactions as they weigh cold, hard cash in their minds alongside their best friends. Even more amazing, though, are the outcomes to his offer.

We on the look out.

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Joey strolls up to one homeless guy in a sleeveless shirt, with his dog, greets him, and compliments him on his nice pooch. “What’s his name? Chubbs?” Salads inquires, having overheard the man.

“No, it’s Tubbs,” the man says, rubbing his pooch’s chest affectionately.

Smoothly, Joey slips in his sales pitch, “How much for dog if I was to buy it?”

“No, it’s impossible,” the man responds.

Joey hustles, opening up his briefcase: $100? $1,000? How about $10,000? Joey brandishes wads of cash.

Rather amazingly, the man seems completely unfazed and solid in his refusal. It’s clear in his mind that the value of his friend far exceeds cold cash from a stranger on a beach.

Stubbornly, he shakes his head and prompts one final push from Joey: $50,000?

“I’d be failing her loyalty, I can’t do that,” the man insists. “She wouldn’t sell me, why would I sell her?”

Impressed by this show of fealty, Joey calls off his pitch and shares his admiration for his altruism.

“I respect that of you,” Joey says to the man, who is still rubbing his dog’s chest, now more certain of his stance than ever.

Meanwhile, it leaves us with an unexpected revelation, a reminder of something we all intrinsically know, of friendship, something that we all too often forget … as you’ll see in this remarkable video:

Joey’s next targets are a homeless couple with their pooch sitting under a couple of palm trees. He tries the same hustle with the pair, eventually putting a wad of $10,000 bills in each of their hands. $20,000? The couple stare at the money—but he soon learns from them that there really is no price on friendship and loyalty.

“You know what?” the woman starts. “Because I love this dog with all my heart, and [after] losing my kid three weeks ago … she’s been there [for me].” Not for $50,000, not for Joey’s whole briefcase of cash … “not for a hundred billion, trillion dollars,” the man adds.

Joey gets up and expresses his admiration for their reason. “She’s beautiful … you can’t sell something like that, she’s family, right?” Joey says.

Joey later said he gave the couple $100 to demonstrate that he wasn’t just doing it for the show. “Because I didn’t want people to think I was doing it for attention,” he said.

It just goes to show, the best things in life are free. Love can’t be bought; it is earned through devotion and what you give of yourself.

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