Veiled Figure Gives Embarrassing Surprise to Chinese Police

May 16, 2019 Updated: May 16, 2019

Chinese police approached with shouts, cautious steps, and even a long stick to uncover a female figure draped in a blanket sitting along the highway, only to find it was a mannequin dressed in pink lingerie.

The mannequin was spotted on the right side of a highway in Shanxi Province on May 8, according to Chinese short-video outlet KNews.

The police have not found the individual who set up the mannequin in this way and have yet to check surveillance videos, the report said.

Mannequin police highway
The police approaching the mannequin. (Shanxi Police)

After the news was shared on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, the most popular comments were mostly poking fun at the police.

The Mannequin Surprise

Police footage shows the vehicle approaching what appeared to look like a woman covered in a blanket, sitting on the side of the highway.

Mannequin police highway
The police see the mannequin from their vehicle. (Shanxi Police)

According to the official police report posted on Weibo, “the police bravely approached”—a comment which would later be ridiculed by users.

The surveillance video shows the police approaching the veiled figure. One of them attempts to lift the cover, but backs away. He approached once more, this time raising the cloth with a stick.

Mannequin police highway
An officer lifting the blanket with a stick. (Shanxi Police)

They finally realized that they had been duped, and flung the blanket off, revealing the scantily dressed mannequin.

Mannequin police highway
The blanket removed. (Shanxi Police)

Workers were even called in to remove the doll. They could not keep themselves from giggling through the process.

Mannequin police freeway
Workers laughing as they carry the mannequin away. (Shanxi Police)

One of the most popular replies was simply quoting a line from the official report, followed by emojis laughing to tears: “The police bravely approached,” posted on Weibo by user “Happy Doll-body.”

“Maybe she [the mannequin] broke up with the driver and got out on her own,” wrote user “Masses of Chaoyang District.”

The police have not found the suspect(s) who left the mannequin by the highway.