Photographing ‘auras’ teaches physicist about a human energy field affected by love, illness, and more

November 2, 2017 12:48 pm, Last Updated: November 5, 2017 3:52 pm
By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times

Russian physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov has brought an old method of photographing “auras” into the 21st century.

Kirlian photography has its roots in the 17th century, but really took hold in the 1940s. This method, developed by Russian inventor Semyon Kirlian, involves placing an object on a metal plate covered with photographic film. The plate is then charged with an electric current. When the film is developed, it shows the object with a colorful field around it.

Some have said Kirlian photography shows a bioenergy field, others have said it’s just ordinary heat or moisture.

(Emmanuel Heredia)

Some have called this field an “aura,” an energy emanated from the body associated with spirituality. Others have said it is simply produced by body heat or moisture.

Kirlian himself said the strength or weakness of the field could indicate either wellbeing or illness. Korotkov is among those scientists who have continued Kirlian’s use of the technique. He understands the Kirlian effect as an energy field similar to the chi discussed in traditional Chinese medicine. He uses it to prevent and treat illness.

Korotkov made the first digital Kirlian device in 1995 and has continued to refine the technology. He has used it in many experiments to test how illness, love, anger, and many other factors affect the “aura.”

It is through these experiments that he has become convinced Kirlian photography doesn’t just pick up on moisture or heat from the body, but clearly relates to a more profound energy.

The correlations Korotkov has found between energy channels in traditional Chinese medicine and the fields displayed by Kirlian photography are among the reasons he believes this effect isn’t explained by ordinary heat and moisture.

An acupuncture chart from the Ming Dynasty.

He measures the aura, or the Kirlian effect, and has developed mathematical parameters to analyze its correlation with the energy and functioning of various parts of the body. In so doing, he has found that traditional Chinese medicine’s understanding of energy channels and meridians is correct.

He has learned that love and positivity are vitally important to a healthy aura; that people’s thoughts can influence the auras of others, even from a distance; and that classical music helps strengthen the aura.

Some critics of Kirlian photography will remain staunch, Korotkov acknowledged, because his use of the technique does not fit in the common Western scientific approach.

“We are based on traditional Chinese medicine, not all doctors accept those ideas,” he said. “They need to come deeper into the study to understand this, and … many doctors or scientists are too busy to do that.”

“Plus we talk about physical body, mind, consciousness, soul,” he continued. “[Western doctors] are based on a materialistic approach when they think only about physical body. They don’t want to accept the existence of consciousness and soul. That is why I am not afraid that it is not widely accepted in science of medicine. Because it is coming, step by step, but it is coming.”

Korotkov uses Kirlian photography in preventative medicine, not just in treating symptoms after an illness occurs.

He gave the example of a woman who came to him with many different symptoms, including fatigue, depression, and pain in different parts of her body. She was taking various pills for her each of her conditions.

Using Kirlian photography, he found the parts of her aura that were weak and recommended exercises to strengthen the energy in those areas. She became rapidly better and stopped taking pills. Thousands of doctors worldwide are now using this approach successfully, Korotkov said.

In ancient China, doctors were responsible for keeping people healthy; they were paid when people were healthy, he said. In Western medicine, however, it works the opposite way. Healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies make money when people are sick.

He’s not against Western medicine; his wife is a medical doctor. He thinks instead that his approach can work with Western medicine.

“If people have some severe problem, like heart attack, then they should go to the hospital and get treated,” he said. “To prevent this severe situation, we need to use the power of this integrated medicine and traditional medicine, because this has tremendous power to keep people healthy.”

Negative emotions destroy a person’s own energy field as well as other people’s fields, said Korotkov.

A person’s aura is strengthened by positive feelings like joy, humor, and love, Korotkov said. “If people have negative emotions—anger, envy—then it decreases the energy field, makes the energy field shrink and sometimes even disappear,” he said.

Negative emotions directed at someone can decrease that person’s energy field too, even from a distance, according to Korotkov’s studies.

He has taken photos of two people in love and found their auras intermingle. Conversely, two people without an emotional connection have a gap between their auras.

Love heals.

An image taken by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov showing the Kirlian effect between the fingers of two people in love. (Courtesy of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov)
An image taken by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov showing the Kirlian effect between the fingers of two people in love. (Courtesy of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov)

“When we are in love, we transfer this energy, not just in our imagination, but it is real physical transformation of physical energy,” he said. “That’s why people when they have loving people, they heal. They can send positive emotions and help the healing process.”

A healthy person has a strong, full field. An ill person has holes or breaks in the field, Korotkov said.

Further exploring the connection between loved ones, Korotkov found that a person’s field responds when someone they love is nearby, even if that loved one is out of sight. This suggests that an emotional bond allows a person to intuitively sense another’s presence without the ordinary five senses.

Classical music and meditation create a more stable, healthy aura.

Korotkov has studied the effect of music on a person’s aura. Classical music has a positive effect. Intense rock music increases energy for some time, but results in a steeper drop thereafter.

While listening to classical music can help to maintain a steady aura, the best method is meditation and exercises like yoga or qigong, Korotkov said.

‘Together, we create a collective consciousness field.’

Korotkov summed up his research: “After more than 30 years of research, we came to understand that we are not just material body, we are much more than that. We have our mind, our consciousness and it’s not just inside of our brain, it is outside. So we expand our consciousness, we expand our spirit outside to the environment. Together, we create a collective consciousness field.”

“If we generate positive emotions, if we generate positive feelings, then we influence other people in a positive way. If we generate negative emotions and feelings, then we influence other people in a very negative way,” he said. “Only with our positive feelings, with a positive attitude to each other … we can make our world better.”

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