Tough-Looking Store Manager Fills a ‘Buggy with Food’ for Struggling Mom and Offers a Job

February 13, 2019 Updated: February 14, 2019

There are people out there who, despite their rough, and even “intimidating” exterior, demonstrate that they have a heart of gold through their amazing actions. Here’s one such story.

In April 2015, Reddit user Unaumbra, who works in retail, shared how one should not judge a person based on his or her appearance.

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Unaumbra has a store manager who is tall-built and “seems very intimidating.” However, contrary to how he looks, “he is actually a very nice guy, and this was how I learned what kind of guy he was,” he wrote on Reddit.

He explained that he had been working in the store for seven months when one day a woman came in with her two young children, both under the age of 5.

“There [sic] mother looked scared, her hair was a mess, and looked like she had no sleep in days she looked rough,” Unaumbra recalled.

The minute the woman entered the store, she told Unaumbra that she wanted to see the store manager.

And thus the store manager was called out.

"Let me first off explain how my store manager looks to most people. He is 6'3" so he is tall, and seems very…

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While the woman and the store manager talked, Unaumbra overheard their conversation, as he was working at the checkout lane nearby.

It was a sad story.

“She escaped her husband who was abusive, and lived in the neighboring town she had gotten an apartment with the help of a friend of hers, but she had nothing to eat, and she asked him for help,” Unaumbra wrote.

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Hearing this, the store manager did what a generous person would do—“fill a buggy with food” and “paid for the womans [sic] cart,” with his own money.

…And that was not the end of the matter.

The store manager told Unaumbra to help carry the groceries to the woman’s car and also instructed him to give the woman a handwritten note.

Unaumbra did as told.

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Then, the woman turned teary-eyed after she read the manager’s handwritten note.

Unaumbra was puzzled by the woman’s reaction until she showed him what his manager had written.

“It basically was a note telling her he was sorry for her position, and if she needed a job to help her to get by that she could show up in a couple of days, and told her if she needed child care he had his number on there to call him, and he would help set it up for her,” Unaumbra wrote.

As expected, the woman came back to accept the job offer.

“This is one of the many reasons why I love the store I work at, and I believe I have the best store manager in the world,” Unaumbra concluded.

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This post was also shared by LoveWhatMatters on Facebook and has since then warmed the hearts of many social media users.

One user wrote: “An angel sent to her when she needed it most. Not only did he help her that day. He helped her to be able to financially sustain life for her family. God bless him for being so kind. We need more of this in the world!”

“So wonderful to read this and know there are caring people willing to help those in need. Bless this man,” another wrote.

Another Facebook user who was clearly touched by this story commented on the post by emphasizing it was “divine timing.”

With such a kindhearted, caring manager, there must be a great work culture at that particular store, wheresoever it may be.