This Test Is Considered Impossible for LEFT-BRAIN People–Can You Decode the Secret Message?

July 19, 2019 Updated: July 20, 2019

If you can decipher this jumble of coded characters, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a genius. But it might attest to the way your brain is wired.

Left Brain or Right?

I’m no psychologist, but I know that we humans have two almost entirely separate brain hemispheres, and each is responsible for completely different functions of thinking and interpreting the world.

Right Brain: Geared For Chaos

Psychologists have found that the right hemisphere is responsible for exploring the chaos of the unknown: imagination, curiosity, visual imagery, as well as gross motor skills are all things that an explorer needs to orient himself in the world, or an artist needs to produce an original piece of visual artwork.

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However, the right side is also responsible for negative emotions, those associated with fear of the unknown, aggression, as well as depression, all things designed to help us survive in chaotic and dangerous situations.

Left Brain: Geared For Order

The brain’s left hemisphere is the side of logic and order. After exploring and mastering certain domains in our lives, an orderly understanding emerges in the left side of our brain. It is associated with logic, language, reason, writing, and mathematics, all of the things that allow us to communicate more effectively, develop science, and advance our technology once we grasp how to live successfully in our environment.

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The left side of the brain is associated with positive emotions and happiness, as we prefer to live in a world that is familiar and orderly, as opposed to chaotic. But this can lead to becoming overly rooted and tyrannically imposing our “order” on the world rather than facing the ever-present unknown that is life.

If You Can See The Hidden Message, You May Be Right-Brained

Let’s take look at the coded message test and see if it reveals how your brain is wired. Try to read this:

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Are you able to read the message?

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The message reads:

If you were able to read this message, it may mean that you are a right-brain thinker, as the right side is geared toward visual imagery and confronting seemingly chaotic patterns using creativity and imagination to explore for a solution.

Yet, left-brain thinkers, who may not see the solution visually, may still decode it using logic! Furthermore, the message is composed of numbers, letters, and logical patterns, which the left brain is geared for. Perhaps with a few hints from your right brain, you may infer that 8s are equal to Bs, and 3s are equal to Es, and transcribe the entire message piecemeal.

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Honestly though, unless one half of the brain has been damaged or removed, we all use both sides of our brains in most situations, as both sides are necessary to live a balanced life and make sense of the world around us. And finding that balance is one of the most rewarding things there is in life.