The Love Story of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori: Amazing 54 Years and Counting

July 22, 2019 Updated: July 22, 2019

Milanese singer, actor, and director Adriano Celentano and his beautiful wife, Claudia Mori, are possibly the most famous married couple in Italy. The story of their love is just as wonderful as the story of their first meeting, and their inspiring marriage has lasted 54 years and counting.

Adriano Celentano poses with his wife, Claudia Mori, during the photocall of his movie “Yuppi Du” in Venice, Italy, 2008 (©Getty Images | ALBERTO PIZZOLI)

Today, Adriano, 81, and Claudia, 75, are still very much in love. They are often papped together at public events, holding hands or sneaking a romantic kiss when they think the cameras aren’t looking. They’re happy. And even in the winter years of their careers, they still have a huge and loyal fan base.

The couple’s tumultuous love story began on a film set. They locked eyes on the set of Uno strano tipo (A Strange Type) in 1963, but Adriano had a reputation with the ladies, and a cautious Claudia kept her distance. Adriano, already smitten with the young beauty, was moved by Claudia’s indifference.

Celentano and Mori having fun on the red carpet at the Sala Grande in Venice, Italy, in 2008 (©Getty Images | Vittorio Zunino Celotto)

He tried even harder to win her affections, but then fate lent a helping hand.

Claudia caused a minor accident on set; she burst a lightbulb, inadvertently scratching Adriano’s face with a piece of flying glass. She hurried to apologize, and the injured man seized the opportunity to get to know her.

It worked. The couple fell deeply in love and married in 1964, immediately after what Red Carpet Magazine refers to as talented singer Adriano’s “rock period.” The pair tied the knot at three o’clock in the morning, cunningly prearranged so that paparazzi couldn’t spoil the event by taking uninvited photographs.


After settling into married life, Claudia made a decision; she would devote herself to her husband and their three children (Rosalinda, Rosita, and Giacomo) and let her own acting career take a back seat.

She supported her husband wholeheartedly in his career as a singer, actor, and later a movie director. Rumor has it that Mori even invented stories about Adriano to help elevate his presence in the industry.

Celentano and Mori at the premiere of “Yuppi Du” in Venice, Italy, on Sept. 4, 2008 (©Getty Images | Franco Origlia)

Claudia later returned to performing as her husband’s star continued to soar. Adriano even scored a No. 1 hit in Italy with a “gibberish pop song” in 1972 called “Prisencolinensinainciusol,” whimsically written “to mimic the way English sounds to non-English speakers,” explains NPR.

Today, half a dozen Adriano Celentano imitators “trickle through [his] Italian province,” says Frankfurter Allgemeine, attesting to the octogenarian’s enduring cult status.

Mori and Celentano attend the funeral of Italian singer Enzo Jannacci in Milan on April 2, 2013 (©Getty Images | Vittorio Zunino Celotto)

Tragedy temporarily broke the family apart when Adriano left his wife and children for his co-star, the Italian actress Ornella Muti. But the actor, so easily seduced, soon saw the error of his ways. He returned to Claudia with his tail between his legs to beg her forgiveness; luckily for Adriano, his patient wife took him back.

When asked why she loved her husband so, Claudia explained that she had “never met anyone more interesting in my life.”

Celentano kisses his beloved wife at the 65th Venice International Film Festival in 2008 (©Getty Images | ALBERTO PIZZOLI)

Adriano and Claudia’s family expanded, as did their affection, and they eventually welcomed grandchildren. The couple now lives a quiet life near Milan, Italy, and we can’t help but wonder what their secret is.

By all accounts, Adriano has the answer. “Between me and Claudia there has always been love,” the actor once famously declared. “We are a united family.”