Teen Works to Earn Money For College But Uses Paycheck to Buy School Supplies For Others

January 6, 2019 Updated: January 6, 2019

It may not be easy to give back to a community when you are in need of money. But for a teenager in Arkansas, he chose to put others before himself and help out as much as he could.

In August 2015, Kristopher Hudson was about to enter college, and he was working at Walmart to earn money to pay for his education. Hudson’s job at the store was to stock the shelves, and he loved his work.

Kristopher Hudson 发布于 2017年3月6日周一

“I like to interact with the customers, ask if there’s any questions they may have or if they have a problem I would like to try and solve that for them,” he told KTHV.

Besides being a helpful person, Hudson is also very generous when it comes to giving. Despite needing the money for college, the then-18-year-old was active in buying school supplies for families in need by participating in the Back to School Blitz. Hudson actively promoted the supply drive to his co-workers as well.

“It really is my way of paying it back,” Hudson said.

I work with an amazing group of people!

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All the supplies he bought were from his wage earnings working at Walmart.

“I got $66 and I bought 309 items with that money,” he said.

The manager at the store also knows what Hudson has been doing.

“By him doing that other associates are like well you know if Kristopher has done this maybe I can chip in $2 or $3 to help out,” said Ty McCollum, assistant manager at the store.

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Hudson’s act of giving comes from something his mother taught him.

“One of the things she always told me and my brothers was to always encourage others; the best feeling you’ll ever have is when you get to help someone out,” he shared.

We couldn’t agree more!

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