Teacher Surprises Bullied Kindergartner by Cutting Her Long Hair to Look Just Like Her

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
March 13, 2019 Updated: March 14, 2019

Words cut deeper than any sword, especially when mocking goes too far. To show solidarity toward a student who was being teased for sporting short hair, a school teacher went the extra mile by cutting her own hair short.

On Feb. 11, Prisilla Perez, a 5-year-old student at Meador Elementary School in Willis, Texas, was nominated by her kindergarten teacher Sharon Grimm for Willis Independent School District’s Student of the Month award for showing bravery during her difficult time.

To Grimm’s surprise, she was also given a medal in return by Prisilla, for being her hero.

Kindergarten student Prisilla Perez was a happy little girl when the school year began. However, after getting her hair…

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Grimm became Prisilla’s hero because the caring teacher came to her rescue when she was feeling particularly down. At the start of the school year, Prisilla had no choice but to cut her hair short as she suffered a serious case of lice.

“Friends started to call her a boy, and those words cut deep,” Grimm told KTRK.

Feeling hurt, helpless Prisilla just cried. Thinking her days at school were “not fun” due to all the teasing, Prisilla dreaded attending school. To cover her short hair, the unhappy little girl would insist on wearing a hat in class. Due to her low self-esteem, she would get “stiff and nervous” every time Grimm put her arm around to assist her with school work.

Photo courtesy of Shannon Grimm

Prisilla’s awkward behavior continued through the entire school year until the day she finally opened up to Grimm.

“She finally came to me and said that she wanted her hair long and I asked about her hair and she said that it was short underneath her hoodie,” Grimm said.

Concerned, Grimm made a courageous decision to cut her long locks to twin with Prisilla and make her feel comfortable. “I’ve never had short hair, and I stressed about it for two weeks before making a decision,” Grimm, who took pride of her long hair, told Yahoo Lifestyle.

In a Facebook Live video, Grimm said: “My students in my classroom are like my children. I love them so much and when they come to school upset and sad because of the way they look, that destroys me as their teacher.”

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Cutting her hair short was surely worth it though because her students loved it. When Grimm came into the class after the winter break, sporting a new hairdo, the students, including Prisilla, were excited.

“Mom, Ms. Grimm cut her hair!” Prisilla yelled.

As a thoughtful gesture, Grimm even bought matching bows so that she and Prisilla could style their hair in the same way.

Photo courtesy of Shannon Grimm

With a similar hairstyle and identical bows, Grimm and Prisilla, who call themselves “Tinkerbell,” looked just like twins.

Thanks to Grimm’s sacrifice, Prisilla has returned to be the happy child she was, and her classmates have learned a valuable lesson about showing love and support.

“Prisilla is a different person now, and the kids love her hair, too,” Grimm said.

Speaking to TODAY, Grimm revealed that Prisilla told her: “‘When I get big like you, I will have friends who will be mean to me, but I will be nice to them just like you.’”

Photo courtesy of Willis Independent School District

Going the extra mile to cheer up Prisilla, Grimm is truly a wonderful and dedicated teacher. It’s no surprise Prisilla’s mother, Maria Vasquez, was moved to tears as she learned what the teacher did.

“I was shocked, I was crying, I couldn’t believe it—she did something I wouldn’t have the guts to do. I will never forget that,” Vasquez said.

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