Superstar Tom Selleck Turns 74 but His Mustache Doesn’t Look a Day Over 25

January 30, 2019 Updated: January 30, 2019

It’s time to Selleck-brate! Awful puns aside, it truly is a momentous occasion for one of Hollywood’s most treasured movie veterans: the one and only Tom Selleck.

The legendary actor marked his 74th birthday on Tuesday, Jan. 29, if you can believe it.

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You may know him as the 1980s television heartthrob Magnum P.I., the country’s favorite Hawaiian private investigator. You may know him as Monica’s long-term lover in the hit series Friends, or as unintentional baby-daddy Peter Mitchell in the movie Three Men and a Baby. You may simply appreciate him, as millions do, for his luscious, iconic mustache.

But, epic facial hair aside, this incredibly successful actor has enjoyed an interesting and longevous career as an actor and film producer to date. Highlights include a People’s Choice award, a Primetime Emmy award, and a much-lusted-after Golden Globe award. All for what? You guessed it, his role as Thomas Magnum, crime solver extraordinaire!

TOM SELLECK is celebrating today. The Master of the 80'S Mo and Hawaiian vibes has turned 74-years-old today. Happy Lā Hānau, TOM! 🍹🏝️🌊🚁

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More recently, Tom has co-written, produced, and starred in the Jesse Stone TV movie series. And the industry is lapping it up; he was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor.

If recent comments are to be believed, then it could well be that Tom spent a portion of his birthday preoccupied by needing to start the next, impatiently awaited Jesse Stone movie script: “I just haven’t been able to switch gears and write it,” Tom admitted, in conversation with Parade. “Blue Bloods is pretty consuming,” he continued. “I’m not in Jesse Stone for the payday … I want to do a Jesse Stone that’s up to the rest of that series, because he’s a character I love.”

Tom, we applaud you for your commitment to high-quality content, and the pleasure of crafting complex characters.

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Tom is also currently engrossed in his role as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, on American drama series Blue Bloods, and is allegedly loving the character-driven show.

FOX 5 posted a congratulatory message on their Facebook page for Tom, and the post garnered a positively frenzied response. “One hunk of a man, still handsome as ever!” wrote one fan. “Will always love Magnum. You’re the only true Magnum,” wrote another.

Tom with his wife, Jillie Mack, and daughter, Hannah (©Getty Images | Amanda Edwards)

The Associated Press even compiled a retrospective of some of Tom’s most celebrated work, in homage to the actor’s amazing contribution to film and television.

On this, the occasion of Tom’s 74th birthday, we take a moment to honor the great actor for his amazing portrayals of wacky and wonderful characters, his impeccable, Hawaiian shirt-sporting contributions to 80s fashion, and his unshakeable humility.

Oh, and let us dare not forget that mustache.

Happy birthday, Tom!

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