Stranger Saves Baby’s Life from Fire As Desperate Mom Drops Her from the Third Floor

March 22, 2019 Updated: March 27, 2019

Life is unpredictable and so full of unexpected twists and turns that some of us, caught in the midst of our busy lives, might sometimes forget to be grateful.

A lady from Dallas had everything to be thankful for after she and her family survived a life-threatening disaster.

The day before Thanksgiving of 2018 seemed like any other day until Byron Campbell, a 21-year-old, saw smoke emerging from the windows of an apartment complex.

According to a report from Fox 4 News, a fire that broke out at 7 a.m. quickly grew to two alarms, with intense flames and thick black smoke visible from highway cameras near Interstate 635 and Centerville Road.

Byron stopped his car and rushed out immediately to warn people of the imminent danger. As he was helping others out, he thought he heard an infant cry and looked up the side of the building, only to see smoke pouring out of the third-floor windows.

What Byron saw next left him feeling unnerved. He told Dallas News, “The young mother was holding her baby and yelling, ‘Can somebody catch my baby?’” Campbell said. “I just said, ‘Trust me, I’ll catch her!’”

The 27-year-old mother, Shuntara Thomas, took an absolute leap of faith as she dropped her 1-year-old baby girl three stories down towards the stranger.

Hannah Davis 发布于 2018年11月21日周三

To the relief of one and all, Byron was able to catch the baby safe and sound. He then handed the infant to a nearby woman and resumed helping others.

“Throwing my baby out to complete stranger that I didn’t know, but I do thank him because without him my child’s life would not have been saved,” explained Thomas.

Residents jump from burning Dallas apartment building

SCARY ORDEAL: A woman dropped her baby and then was forced to jump from the third floor of a Dallas apartment building to escape a fire. Other residents grabbed a mattress to help cushion her fall. STORY: courtesy: Curtis Cooper)

Fox 5 DC 发布于 2018年11月21日周三

As Campbell recalled the incident, he told KXAS, “My first reaction was, ‘Don’t let this baby hit the ground.’”

While one of the residents witnessed this heroic rescue attempt in front of his eyes, he said, “It was just horrific, but at those moments you just have to have some kind of trust in this world. You have to believe in human kindness.”

According to the Dallas Fire-Rescue officials, six residents, including the baby, had to jump from the third floor to save themselves from the fire.

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It was a day when not only the police and firefighters but also neighbors and strangers turned into heroes to help the residents affected by the blaze.

HEROES. These young men were hanging out when they realized a nearby apartment complex was on fire in Dallas. Families…

Hannah Davis 发布于 2018年11月21日周三

Meanwhile, other residents of the Ferguson apartments in the lower floors pulled their mattresses out to help cushion their falls.

Though the building was a total loss, what really counts is that none of the residents suffered from life-threatening injuries.

After this, Thomas realized that, “So I may not have anything else, but it teaches me not to be thankful for the material things but to be thankful for everything that I do have.”

Shuntara Thomas 发布于 2018年8月30日周四

The 40 people who’ve now been rendered homeless are being assisted by the American Red Cross. We hope that those who were affected find the hope and courage to get their lives back on track soon.

Watch the heroic rescue video below:


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