Son with Down Syndrome Gets Down on Knees to Comfort Dad Through a Difficult Moment

March 12, 2019 Updated: May 30, 2019

Who do you share your problems or woes with? For a man in California, there was no one around during his darkest hour, and comfort came from someone he least expected—his son with Down syndrome.

In October 2018, Jeff Church, of Antioch, recounted a special moment that he had with his son, JJ, on their Facebook page, Church & Sons Painting Co., and how JJ saved him.

Jeff was suffering from a mental breakdown when JJ came to help him. Even though JJ has Down syndrome, he instinctively knew what to do.

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“I was at the end of my rope,” Jeff wrote. “I had just received a phone call that made everything in life even worse. I felt my world was collapsing around me. I was lost. And with that one call, I had given up hope.”

Jeff recalled how he just broke down in his house and was crying like a child. While Jeff was sobbing out loud, someone heard his cries. It was JJ.

JJ knew his father needed help and ran up the stairs to find him. “He found me in my master bedroom on the floor, in the dark curled up against the bed,” Jeff recalled.

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While it is normal to turn the lights on, JJ didn’t because he saw the state his father was in. Jeff went on to share what JJ did next that will warm your heart.

“He hurried to me and he sat on the floor next to me and he held me tight,” Jeff wrote. “And he rocked me.”

JJ repeatedly told Jeff, “it go be okay,” while rocking him.

Later, JJ helped Jeff into bed, took off his shoes, and kissed him on his cheek. Then JJ told his dad to “go sleep now.”

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With that, he “slowly and quietly walked out of the room,” and “closed the door behind him.”

Jeff couldn’t be more proud of JJ, and he wanted others to know that while JJ has “cognitive delay” and “stutters a bit,” he actually knows how to comfort others.

“They’re compassionate and understanding with no conditions,” Jeff wrote. “That makes them genuine and real. And they’re heartwarming beyond measure knowing just when to comfort you.

“They’re way nicer people than we are. That’s the part the doctors don’t tell you about.”

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Social media users were warmed by JJ’s compassionate deed.

One user wrote: “Thanks for sharing Daddy boy. This was such an inspiration. you both make my day. God bless you both.”

“Oh Jeff, in 1 moment my heart is breaking for you then I read the JJ part and my heart swells with compassion and happiness. You’ve raised a wonderful young man!” another commented.

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A third one wrote: “Omg this is beyond amazingly sweet 😘 JJ knew in his beautiful heart to be there for his wonderful daddy.”

“Just knowing you both brightens up my world…thanks for always being so genuine with us all,” a fourth one chimed in.

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