Son Watches Dad Feed Mom at a Restaurant, Then Surprises Everyone with a ‘Sweet’ Gesture

February 22, 2019 Updated: February 27, 2019

It is no secret that young kids learn by watching the world around them. They observe how their parents behave, react in different situations, and model their behavior in the same way. This “beautiful moment” captured by an Instagram user not only highlights family bonding at its best but puts significance on how our actions impact children.

Sharimi Shaharudin, from Malaysia, shared a video of a loving couple who were eating with their children at a restaurant in Selangor. Just then, something heartwarming caught his attention.

Kita boleh belajar di mana-mana. Allah kalau nak tunjuk suatu pengajaran, ia akan beri walau dengan 1 pandangan.Baru kejap nie aku pergi makan kedai Pak Long, Ukay Perdana. Tempat biasa aku lepak, makanan sedap harga berpatutan. Macam biasa lepak sorang.Sedang aku lepak, aku terpandang belakang, tengok sepasang suami isteri bersama 2 anaknya. Si isteri sedang pegang anak keciknya. Yang sweetnya si suami suapkan isterinya makan. Allahu, bagi aku moment yang best sangat. Aku pun trase nak rakam, buat pengajaran dlm diri, time aku rakam, elok pulak anak dia nak suap juga maknya. Begitulah kehidupan,1. Jadi suami yang memahami, saling bantu membantu, ambik berat dan tahu main peranan dan bukan penting diri. Sentiasa untuk bahagiakan isteri dan anak-anak. 2. Contoh yang baik dari ayah, anak-anak akan ikut sekejap tu juga. Begitulah juga sebaliknya. Ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi. 3. Keluarga bahagia nie 1 nikmat yang tidak terbanding dengan semua nilai harta di dunia. Kita yang memilih untuk bahagia atau tidak.Aku nak doakan kepada semua kawan aku yang dah kawen, ada anak kecil, agar terus tersemai rasa kasih sayang dan membentuk keluarga bahagia.Terima kasih pasangan suami isteri nie, kerana memberi makna dlm kehidupan hari ini pada aku dan semua.

Posted by Sharimi Shaharudin on Monday, 5 November 2018

Shaharudin noticed a husband feeding his wife, whose both hands were occupied, holding an infant. Of course, the woman could have fed herself, but the husband went that extra mile to feed his wife, thus spreading the message of love and care.

Posted by Sharimi Shaharudin on Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The eldest son, who was sitting on a baby chair next to his father, quietly observed him before also offering to feed his mom. Noticing that his little tender hands couldn’t reach her, the mother, touched by this gesture, willingly stood up and accepted his offer. So sweet!

Posted by Muhammad Farid Mohamed on Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Shaharudin admits honestly his attention was drawn when he saw this heartfelt moment unfold in front of his eyes. While his unselfish act certainly draws appreciation, the most soul-stirring moment was when the eldest son copied his actions and fed the mother as well. The family did not seem to care about their surroundings and only focused on enjoying the moment together.

Posted by Nadiah Michi on Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Both the mom and dad play different but important roles, and therefore nurturing a child is not just a mother’s responsibility—it is to be carried out as a family together. The video has clearly managed to impress a lot of netizens, who remarked that this is how parents should treat each other so that their kids can watch and follow suit.

Posted by Muhammad Farid Mohamed on Monday, 26 June 2017