Single Mom of 3 Given Gift from Charity Group That Could Change Her Life Forever

February 25, 2019 Updated: March 6, 2019

When you are a single parent, be it a mom or a dad, the stakes to run the family and take care of the household seem much higher. Life at times gets so exhausting that you may feel like you just can’t keep doing it all on your own.

Imagine then how wonderful it would be if the community really did something for single parents like Jasmine, who has to take care of three kids while managing two jobs in order to pay the bills.

Jasmine is a single mom who resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her day starts at 5 a.m. when she takes the bus to drop off her three kids in different places before heading to her job. As she can’t afford to have a car of her own, nearly five hours are lost in commuting every day.

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The single mother couldn’t even apply for better jobs in faraway areas as the kids are her first priority.

She told Inside Edition, “I don’t like to apply to farther jobs because I can’t get there with my schedule with my kids.” Having a vehicle of her own would indeed make life a lot easier for Jasmine.

There are times when life has been so tough that Jasmine just wants to cry.

However, her love for her kids is what keeps her going.

“I break down at times and I cry, but I pray about it and I try to think about my kids and how I love them and what’s best for them and that drives me to do what I need to do,” Jasmine said.

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That is when Midas, a Florida-based company, stepped right in and decided that mothers who are as driven as Jasmine deserve all the help in the world.

The company, whose auto repair shops are committed to their local communities, launched an initiative called “Project Spark” in 2018.

“We want to ignite change all around us” is what the webpage of Project Spark declares and they’ve certainly done it in Jasmine’s case.

Project Spark decided to gift Jasmine a new SUV. It was donated by 1-800-Charity Cars, a Florida-based non-profit organization known to help families in need.

Next, an incredible team of mechanics spent $2,000 in labor and parts to give Jasmine and her kids what they’ve been praying for.

Thanks, Inside Edition, for highlighting #ProjectSpark as we aim to help #IgniteChange in communities across the country.

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When the keys were handed over to Jasmine, she was simply out of words. The expression on her face shows that she is full of gratitude and delight.

She said, “Wow, I can’t believe it.”

Jasmine now has an increased sense of hope; she feels more confident about getting a better job and providing her kids with a better future. All it needed was one noble gesture, and Midas is doing it one family at a time.

A single mother like Jasmine who is so devoted to giving her best to the kids no doubt needs all the support she can get. One would agree that all her hard work has been rewarded in the most incredible manner.

Luck had finally smiled on her, ensuring that the people in the community were really sensitive to her needs.

Watch the beautiful video below: 

Project Spark – Jasmine

As a single mother, Jasmine works hard to care for her children. To help her achieve her goals and support her family, we repaired a donated vehicle and surprised Jasmine’s family with a car of their own. #ProjectSpark #IgniteChange

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