Single Mom Couldn’t Be Prouder When Son Gives Away Brand-New Pair of $140 Nikes

By Daniel Cameron, Epoch Times
January 29, 2019 Updated: May 13, 2019

How great does it feel to help another person in need? Out of the goodness of his young heart, a 15-year-old asked his mom to stop on their way to Las Vegas. He had spotted a homeless man.

It was one memorable spring day in 2015 when Michelle Muhlestein stopped to get gas with her teenage son, Zach. As they continued on their way, Michelle recalls in a report she wrote for Love What Matters that her son asked her to pull over.

Michelle Muhlestein 发布于 2017年12月19日周二

Zach stepped out of the car, and with $5 in his hand, he approached a homeless man he couldn’t ignore. After handing the man $5, he joined his mom back in the car, and they continued on their way.

No sooner had they continued to drive did Zach ask his mom to turn around and head back to the homeless man. It seems he wasn’t done yet.

“I questioned him,” recalls Michelle, “and he pleaded for me to turn around, so I did.”

Once again, the young man got out of the car for the homeless man. “Be right back, mom,” he assures.

As Michelle observed her son talk to the guy for a minute or so, he returns to the car and opens the trunk.

“I asked him what was he doing,” writes Michelle. “He said ‘I’m giving him a pair of my shoes. We wear the same size.’”

The next thing she knows, the man is standing by her car and Zach is unlacing his own shoes, a $140 pair of Nike boots his mom gifted him for Easter.

Perhaps feeling a little uneasy at first to see her son giving away such an expensive pair of boots that she worked hard to buy him, she decided to keep her emotions to herself. She didn’t say a word and just let her son do what he thought was best—to follow his heart.

The two took this photo together before parting ways.

"My 15 year old son, with an amazing heart knows what love is all about. He is 6'3, wears a size 15 shoe. Shoes for him…

Love What Matters 发布于 2016年1月22日周五

“A flood of emotion came over me as I realized what my teenage son had just done. He didn’t just give his favorite pair of shoes to a homeless man, he opened his heart to a stranger, thought unselfishly of another person, beyond himself.”

“He gets it. He gets the real meaning of love and happiness. No words were said driving to Vegas for about an hour as I cried and I think he was deep in thought..”

Needless to say, Michelle is exceptionally proud of Zach for his considerate act. Indeed, she feels blessed.

It’s fantastic to see such kindness out in the world, and it’s important that scenarios like this one are recorded and shared far and wide, for they serve to inspire and uplift us all.

Good stuff Zach, your kindness is worth its weight in gold!