Simon Cowell Hits Golden Buzzer After Teen Cancer Survivor Sings ‘Fight Song’ at AGT

August 2, 2019 Updated: August 6, 2019

It was a typical American summer vacation for the Bevier family of Grand Rapids, Ohio. But for 15-year-old Calysta Bevier, all was not well. Her mom noticed a lump on her daughter’s stomach, and when they got it checked out by the doctors, the terrible verdict was stage 3 ovarian cancer.

This could have been a death sentence, but Caly fought as hard as she could, and with the help of chemotherapy, she managed to beat the cancer. A year later, Caly was stepping up to the stage of America’s Got Talent, staring at the tough judges panel with Simon Cowell at its head.

This really is Calysta Bevier's fight song.

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎America's Got Talent‎‏ في الأربعاء، ٢٢ يونيو ٢٠١٦

As the brave teen said in her audition video: “a  year ago there were moments when I would lay in my hospital bed, and thinking ‘Will I make it? Will I get through this?'” One of the things that kept her going was her friendships with other kids and teens fighting cancer. “A lot of the kids I met in the hospital, they didn’t make it. And I was one of the lucky ones who got out.”

Besides these relationships that were cut short, Caly’s determination to survive was boosted by her dream of using her beautiful voice to touch other people. “In my darkest days, I dreamed of doing this,” she said in her audition video.

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When the time came for her to stand up and deliver, judge Howie Mandel noticed her cool look (and short hair) and complimented her for her resemblance to Audrey Hepburn. Caly thanked him for it but noted that the haircut wasn’t really her choice as she had lost her hair during chemo. The judges were shocked to hear that this vibrant teen had been so close to losing her life.

“I kind of came here today to show people that whatever you’ve gone through, keep chasing your dreams,” she said. After that, it was Bevier’s turn to show the judges, and America, what she could do with her voice.

She chose Rachel Platten’s inspirational anthem Fight Song, which the singer-songwriter had originally created to talk about her struggles in the music industry. But sung by a teen who fought off cancer, lyrics such as “I’ll play my fight song / And I don’t really care if nobody else believes / ‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me,” took on a whole new meaning.

Simon Cowell had no hesitations about hitting his #GoldenBuzzer for Calysta Bevier.

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎America's Got Talent‎‏ في الأربعاء، ٦ يوليو ٢٠١٦

While this petite teen performer looked more than a little nervous to be up on the big stage and her mom said “my heart’s beating out of my chest,” when Caly started to sing, it was clear that the judges were in for a treat.

By the time Caly hit the chorus, the whole crowd was up on their feet. Even more amazing, she got Simon Cowell up on his feet, grinning ear to ear, and giving her two thumbs up as the audience cheered her on.

While the whole judging panel was wowed by her performance and gave their compliments, the tough-as-nails Cowell was especially moved. “Calysta, I love everything about you. I just had this feeling when you walked out.”

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Typically known for tough criticism of performers, Cowell surprised everyone with his amazingly kind words for this young survivor. “I predict great things are going to happen for you. There’s something about you.”

After hesitating a moment, Cowell got up on his feet and reached over to hit the golden buzzer, automatically advancing Caly to the main competition, regardless of the other judges’ verdicts.

As Caly broke into tears, Cowell went up on stage to give her a big hug and tell her, “I think you’re really special.” A fairy tale come true for this impressive young woman.

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While Bevier was eliminated in the semifinals, she has since been an ambassador for cancer survivors, sharing her story and her voice with other kids who are sick, letting them know that they can fight and win and follow their dreams.


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