Second Makeover For Mom Of 5 On Rachael Ray, Again She Looks Amazing

January 21, 2019 Updated: January 21, 2019

Getting a makeover can change your appearance drastically, but keeping up appearances can be hard for most of us. This lady got a second bite at the apple; she was invited back by the popular Rachael Ray Show for a followup in February, several years after her first makeover.

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Life often gets in the way for mothers to look their best, and for Charity, from Illinois, five children gave her little time to pamper herself.

Charity had a makeover on The Rachael Ray Show five years ago, and her very long golden locks were trimmed up, giving her a youthful and flattering look.

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It wasn’t long, though, before her hair had grown rather long, albeit not as long as before. She fell pregnant with her fifth child during this time, so she was even less focused on herself than before.

Rachael Ray employed the services of hairstylist Kyan Douglas, and again he peeled the years off Charity, making her look impossibly young. It seems hard to believe she has five children!

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I gotta fresh cut y’all.

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If you yearn for a new look, scour the magazines or internet to find a look you like, and think what suits your facial features.

It is often a good idea to find a celebrity you resemble in some way, and take a look at their hairstyle and the makeup and type of clothes they wear. After all, if they are rich and famous they should be able to afford the very best advice for what suits them! Then simply apply some of the principles they used to give them that certain look.

In no time, you can change your own look, but of course you won’t look exactly as they do, nor would you probably want to.

Meanwhile, take a look at Charity’s second makeover in the video; it’s hard to believe the change.

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