Player Puts True Sportsmanship on Display When Rival Pitcher ‘Collapses’ in Heartbreak

January 17, 2019 Updated: January 17, 2019

It was the final baseball game of his high school career, and the pitcher was feeling the pressure. Just one ball could win the game, but it was not to be. What happened next was extraordinary.

The score was level at 2–2 between the Zionsville Eagles and Roncalli Rebels. Moreover, it was the final innings. Which team would win the high school baseball 2016 championship?

Zionsville Eagles vs Roncalli Rebels, class 4A baseball state finals…

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Eagles pitcher Jack Pilcher had the final throw, and his dream of winning with a fast delivery for his team was shattered when the batter got a hit, sending the baseman and catcher into a collision as they attempted to catch him out.

The batter made first base, sending Rebels fans into a frenzy at the win, with players jumping and high-fiving each other, until Rebels catcher Cody Smith stopped dead in his celebrations.

He noticed opposition pitcher Jack lying almost lifeless on the field, overwrought with the feeling he had let his team down.

“I saw the heartbreak and the distress in all their players, but especially him, just lying almost lifelessly on the mound,” said Cody, reports UpliftingToday. “It just really got to me and I wanted to go over there and tell him everything was going to be alright.”

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“You can’t feel much worse than I did,” Jack said. “Especially being the pitcher at the end.”

One of Cody’s teammates, Michael McAvene, also went over to console Jack.

Together they told Jack that “everything was going to be alright,” says Cody, who was seen grasping Jack’s hand to help him back on his feet.

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“The way that it ended that way, with that kind of sportsmanship, it just topped off the night, even though we lost,” Jack recalled.

It is something to bear in mind to give a thought to the losing team or player in any sport; just a kind word from the winning side can make all the difference.

Teams work hard, and it’s not limited to game time. Many hours of training sessions are a prerequisite if a team wants to achieve success. They may even miss out on many social and family events, and when it all comes down to the last play in the last game, it can be a fine line between winning and losing.

At least in this case, they all ended up winners, no matter the score.

Watch the moment below: