One-Year-Old Dog Found Abused and Injected With Different Drugs

May 10, 2019 Updated: May 15, 2019

Animal abuse and drug use have often been linked. Unfortunately, as more kids experiment with drugs, it could spell disaster for their own well-being as well as that of others. One dog was lucky to survive an ordeal that involved this very issue.

Peanut was just 1 year old when she was in a serious predicament—for two days she was spotted lying motionless in front of a known drug house, The Dodo reported.

Animal control officers from Philadelphia responded and found her on the pavement. Peanut’s condition was critical, as she was not responding to any stimuli.

Locals in the area informed officers that the pup had suffered abuse from neighborhood kids, and the kids injected the pup with different drugs. Peanut was suspected of belonging to a nearby drug house, Faithful Friends Animal Society said.

The officers could see that she was heavily drugged and was in need of emergency and specialized treatment, so they transported her to Faithful Friends Animal Society in Delaware. There they confirmed she was heavily drugged, and started her on IV fluids in an attempt to flush the drugs from her body.

“When she first arrived, she was unable to walk, stand, eat or drink,” Kevin Rentz, marketing manager for Faithful Friends Animal Society, told The Dodo. “Our vets had never seen a mistreatment dealing with narcotics like this. It was heartbreaking.” Tests on Peanut came back positive for cocaine and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) from cannabis.

Staff monitored her throughout the night, and it was feared that she wouldn’t make it. However, Peanut’s great fighting spirit pushed her through, and despite the odds, she made it.

“She could barely hold her head up and was barely responsive,” Rentz said. “You could tell she did not know what was going on.”

After fighting off the effects of the drugs, such as tremors and weakness, Peanut began to improve steadily. The following morning, staff were relieved to see her eating, drinking, and attempting to walk.

After two days, to the delight of staff, she began to let her personality shine through.

“She stole the hearts of all the vets and techs here,” Rentz said. “Once the drugs had started leaving her system, you could see her personality perk up.”

Staff renamed her Suzi to mark the beginning of a new life. After her story was featured in the local news, one compassionate family from Delaware wanted to adopt her immediately and give her a forever home. Aida Alicea saw Suzi on TV and immediately took her family to the animal shelter to meet Suzi.

“We were devastated to hear that someone, especially kids, would do something so cruel,” Rosa Alicea, Aida’s daughter, said.

“When we saw her for the first time, she was laying in the shelter cage and she just looked up at us. She was so calm, never barked, not fazed by all the barking around her,” Rosa added.

Rosa felt it was fate for the family to adopt Suzi.

“Our family dog growing up was also named Suzi, and she was the same color,” Rosa said. “I knew she was meant to be.”

Suzi might just have a bit of the “luck of the Irish” as well—she was adopted on Saint Patrick’s Day. Suzi is sure to be showered with the love and affection she deserves, and hopefully she’ll forget the horror she was once put through.