New York Animal Park’s ‘April’ the Giraffe Gives Birth for the Fifth Time – and It’s a Boy!

March 18, 2019 Updated: March 18, 2019

Saturday, March 16, 2019, was a momentous day for one mother. Her fifth baby was born after a “textbook” pregnancy lasting a standard 15 months. “Fifteen months?” we hear you ask. Correct! For this was no ordinary mom: this was Animal Adventure Park‘s world-famous April the giraffe.

The New York-based animal park cared for 17-year-old April throughout her fifth pregnancy and she gave birth to her beautiful calf around midday, surely a fortuitous time for a new life to greet the world. Celebrations began as early as a few days before the calf’s delivery, with staff posting on Facebook that “lots of tail raising, & obvious calf re-positioning” indicated an imminent birth.

As for the calf’s gender: it’s a boy!

See him yourself on cam: plans to see him in person:

Animal Adventure Park 发布于 2019年3月17日周日

Park staff were excited to share April’s delivery, and the entire event was broadcast on a live YouTube feed, enjoyed by over 300,000 viewers. It’s not the first time that mom of five April has courted internet fame: in 2017, viewers bonded with April and her fourth calf as she birthed her son “Tajiri.” She’s been an internet sensation ever since.

Park owner Jordan Patch shared an insight about the importance of sharing updates and nurturing community spirit: “We hear remarkable stories daily about how the giraffe cam has helped bring viewers a sense of community,” Patch told Today. “Individuals struggling with grief, depression, losses and more turn to the camera as a reprieve from the rest of their world.”

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April’s baby is a blessing not only to its mother but also to the park, champions of giraffe conservation, and dedicated wildlife fans worldwide.

According to Patch, streaming April’s delivery offers viewers a unique insight into the birth process of an animal they might never have the chance to encounter up close and personally. Sharing April’s delivery online, as well as the lives of the park animals at large, offers viewers the opportunity to share in the miracle of new life from the ease and safety of their own homes.

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Giraffe mothers bond quickly with their babies, so the days that followed the birth of April’s latest calf were very important. Staff kept a respectful distance, assuaging everybody’s impatience in wanting to know the gender of the baby, so as not to impede the bonding process. Evidently, mom and baby are getting on tremendously.

The calf’s father, “Oliver,” lives adjacent to his new family while April and her baby snuggle up next door. All are healthy, in seemingly high spirits, and are making progress as expected. The new calf stood up and took its first, tentative steps on spindly legs just hours after being born. Allegedly, most giraffe calves stand up within 30 minutes of being born and run alongside their mother within the first 10 hours.

Giraffe Welcome 2019March 16th 12:43 pmWelcome to the world little one! Early this morning, April’s behavior…

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Just imagine if human babies could do that. April, you’ve got your work cut out for you!

These days, April’s son Tajiri, the new calf’s now-2-year-old brother, can be seen romping around the Animal Adventure Park completely independently and even has his own YouTube channel. Eagle-eyed park owner Patch even reports that Tajiri has a “female companion.” Giraffes can breed in captivity from the age of 3 or 4 years, so if Tajiri’s courtship goes to plan, perhaps April’s new baby won’t be the park’s last!


Hearty congratulations to April and the diligent team at New York’s Animal Adventure Park. As for the calf’s name—while the suggestions are flooding in, nothing has been decided yet.

Good luck, little one, and welcome to the world!