Mom Writes Heartfelt Letter to Parents With Special-Needs Children to Not Give Up

April 25, 2019 Updated: April 30, 2019

The parental journey is never easy or smooth sailing, especially when raising a child with special needs. Knowing how it feels to care for them, one mom wrote an open letter to encourage all fellow mothers.

In May 2018, Alethea Mshar wrote a heartfelt letter on her Facebook page, Alethea Jo, Writer, addressing it to “Special Needs Mom.” She wanted to tell all mothers that they were doing a good job, and just in case no one recognized their efforts, she did.

My boys are fun, funny, clever, cute, sweet, annoying, obnoxious, frustrating and about a million other adjectives….

Alethea Jo, Writer 发布于 2017年8月16日周三

The mother of four began the letter with “I want you to know that I see you.”

Mshar understood the feeling of seeing other mothers sending their kids to “Little League” or talking about school grades with friends while being unable to do any of it.

Being a mother of two sons with Down syndrome—one of them adopted and diagnosed with autism—Mshar knows the challenges of caring for a child with special needs.

Depending on the moment, I may or may not be a "good mom".Today I had to take Ben to the doctor. Upon arriving I…

Alethea Jo, Writer 发布于 2018年7月9日周一

“I see you juggling appointments and meetings, always making sure you do the best for your child,” she wrote. “I see you sitting at your computer for hours researching what your child needs.”

Amidst all this, a mother must continue to care for her other children, family members, and lastly, herself.

“I see you spread thin, but still going the extra mile for your family, and managing to do it with a smile,” Mshar wrote.

Because of the efforts and sacrifice that moms make for the family, Mshar wanted to tell them that they were not alone.

Obligatory Ferris Wheel selfie. (Now I'm up in the air freaking out and Alex is telling me to just calm down).

Alethea Jo Mshar 发布于 2017年7月12日周三

“I know you feel invisible, like nobody notices any of it. But I want you to know that I notice you,” Mshar wrote.

“On those days when you wonder if you can do it another minute, I want you to know that I see you. I want you to know that you’re beautiful. I want you to know that it’s worth it. I want you to know that you aren’t alone. I want you to know that love is what matters most, and you have that nailed.”

Indeed, moms are amazing and awesome when it comes to raising and caring for their children. Let your mom know you appreciate her with a simple acknowledgement like “thank you.” It makes a difference.