Mom Reveals Life Lesson Behind Photo of Her Daughter Meeting Little Boy at the Beach

By Daniel Cameron, Epoch Times
February 17, 2019 Updated: February 17, 2019

After a relaxing sunset stroll at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, one mom took home with her a memory that she had to share with the rest of the world.

Here’s the photo that says it all, a solid moment saved in time, which Ayanna Toye Barrows expounded on for us to understand its significance.

My daughter and I are in Myrtle Beach taking a sunset walk when this adorable and sweet little boy comes walking right…

Gepostet von Ayanna Toye Barrows am Dienstag, 12. April 2016

Barrows is the mother of the sweet little girl, who’s pictured hugging the charming boy in a light-blue shirt.

It was this boy who walked right up to her on his own accord, as he wanted to show off his special shark tooth necklace.

He introduced himself, and so did she.

Their talk mainly revolved around “his super cool shark’s tooth that apparently gave him powers,” before they parted ways, explains Barrows in a 2016 post on Love What Matters.

Gepostet von Ayanna Toye Barrows am Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

But these two innocent children don’t follow the protocol of adults, and soon they’re greeting each other once more.

“They walked, talked and raced,” and enjoyed each other’s company on the sand, the last remaining sunlight making their evening all the more magical.

Ah … the joy and innocence of youth.

The boy’s mother was happy for Barrows to take their photo as a souvenir, and without any cues to pose for the camera or smile, the two take a shot that is worth a thousand words.

“When we finished walking and it was time to go they hugged for a long time and exchanged about 20 ‘goodbyes.’

As much as the photo is a precious keepsake for Barrows, she wants to share a personal observation she feels will benefit humanity.

“This is a moment that we humans understand as just simply seeing no color lines, no judgement, no race, no hate, no shades.

“It’s just pure….two kids meeting on a sunset walk without a care in the world…all they saw was each other.

“This world would be a much better place if we acted like these two kids.”

Two years ago I shared a simple story of how Cyrah met a little boy (Carson) in Myrtle Beach. I shared it because it…

Gepostet von Ayanna Toye Barrows am Mittwoch, 18. April 2018