Model With Down Syndrome Becomes Brand Ambassador For Cosmetics Company Promoting Diversity

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
January 16, 2019 Updated: January 16, 2019

Kate Grant, from Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, is living her dream as a model. After walking the runway at Belfast Fashion Week, and later becoming the first model with Down syndrome to win the international beauty pageant “Teen Ultimate Beauty of the World,” the 20-year-old blonde beauty was selected as the new brand ambassador for Benefit Cosmetics.

When Kate Grant appeared on ITV show “This Morning” in 2018, she strutted down the catwalk with confidence despite her chromosomal disability. Showing great positivity and determination to achieve her dreams, she was hailed as an “inspiration.”

Kate's set to strut her stuff on the catwalk

Kate Grant, who has Down’s syndrome, defied all expectations to win a global beauty pageant. Now she has her eyes set on becoming a catwalk star… and Eamonn's keen to make her dream come true…

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Unsurprisingly, an image of the charming Kate wearing Benefit Cosmetics’ new Roller Liner Eyeliner, which was posted on the brand’s Instagram page, has received quite a lot of attention.

“The photo made me stop in my tracks, absolutely stunning,” one user wrote.

Another commented, “What a pretty little Angel.”

The image has racked up nearly 5,000 likes. Due to the positive response, Benefit Cosmetics—a beauty brand that has more than 2,000 sales counters in over 30 countries globally—has chosen Kate as one of their four “wing women” to endorse their new eyeliner product.

In a statement, the beauty brand told TODAY Style they “instantly fell in love” with Kate after watching a video telling her story—her journey toward achieving her dream of becoming a model.

“Her amazing energy was so infectious and we were captivated by her incredible zest for life and determination,” Benefit said. “She embodied everything we stand for as a brand so we knew we had to find a way to work with her.”

The company added that they hope Kate’s role will show others “that beauty and makeup shots can absolutely feature people from all walks of life.”

Many social media users sang praises for Benefit for taking the first step to hire a model who is distinctly different.

“I am so happy that you are promoting models who are different and it makes me so happy,” one user wrote.

Another shared, “You guys definitely earned a new customer. I have a sister with DS and she’s always loved fashion. This gives her so much hope.”

“What I saw was a new definition of beauty. We should encourage young women to accept themselves just the way they are,” another commented.

Without a doubt, Kate is proud of her latest achievement, and rightfully so.

“This week has been amazing,” Kate wrote on Instagram. “Make sure you all get this amazing liner!”

In an Instagram post, Kate revealed she’s working toward her goals and dreams in 2019: to be even more successful as a model, already having appeared in both London and Paris Fashion Weeks, and to “continue to raise awareness for people with disabilities.”

#differentisbeautiful,” Kate wrote.

“She is paving the way for people coming behind her,” Kate’s mom, Deidre, told Metro. “Kate is aware of that and wants to spread awareness about inclusion for people with disabilities and that is what she has done from the very start.”

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“She has a great drive to be a supermodel,” Deidre said. “I love her optimism and as her mom I would always be there to support her in that optimism.

“When you are young you think the sky is the limit and with Kate she does not have the understanding that we have, that there are obstacles in the way,” Deidre continued.

“She does not allow obstacles to be in the way or her disability to stand in the way. She would say Down’s Syndrome does not define me—I am Kate.”

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Thank you so much to everyone for all your support this year and for helping me reach my dreams of becoming a model! Happy Christmas Kate x

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As to what the true meaning of beauty is, Kate told the Mirror, “Kindness, compassion and inner ­sparkle, that’s the ultimate beauty.”

Kate is certainly an inspiration for all of us. She inspires us with her confidence and courage to turn her dream into a reality. In addition, she teaches us to love ourselves for who we are on the inside and be kind, because “no beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.”

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