Mobile Maryland Church Forgives $1.8 Million to Help 900 Families With Medical Debt

April 5, 2019 Updated: April 10, 2019

The Revolution Church in Annapolis, Maryland, has made it their mission to change the way people think about religion and prayer. They operate as a “mobile church,” setting up and breaking down their worship areas in schools instead of paying for a permanent building—and when they raise money, they do it to make the world a better place.

Their most recent example of that giving mentality has taken the world by storm, as a quick donation to a nearby non-profit has changed the lives of 900 families statewide. The church donated $15,000 to the medical debt relief organization RIP Medical Debt, who use donations to buy and forgive medical debt and rescue families from the financial instability left by the U.S. healthcare system.

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RIP Medical Debt has a goal of raising $14 million, which is enough money to purchase and forgive $1 billion in unpaid medical debt—and while the $15,000 given by Revolution Church may not seem like a lot, it goes a long way. The church revealed that their donation was used to forgive $1,893,288.73 worth of medical debt, saving 900 households in eastern and central Maryland.

The United States outpaces every single developed nation in both private and overall spending on medical care, leaving an estimated 26 percent of American adults struggling to pay their medical bills. The impact of medical debt on the nation has been well documented; while revolving figures make it difficult to pinpoint an exact number of households declaring bankruptcy or falling into substantial debt due to healthcare, every concrete figure reported has put the number well over 700,000 households. Even those with health insurance have found themselves in significant financial holes when they try to pay for even basic medical procedures (in the United States, for example, the average cost to deliver a baby without considering prenatal care is over $10,000).

Kenny Camacho, the lead pastor at Revolution Church, wanted the chance to make a real impact on those numbers.

Just got the first report back from RIP Medical Debt …our efforts last year forgave $1,893,288.73 in debt from 14…

Posted by Kenny Camacho on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

“Just got the first report back from RIP Medical Debt … our efforts last year forgave $1,893,288.73 in debt from 14 counties in Maryland, impacting more than 900 families’ lives!! I am awed by what God can do when we are willing to take what even feel like small steps towards loving our neighbors, no matter what!” he wrote on Facebook.

The idea for the act was taken from a megachurch in Texas, who decided that the money they raised at Easter was better spent on helping others than on promotion for themselves. After raising $100,000 around the spring holiday, the Texas church was able to pay off a whopping $10 million in medical debt through RIP Medical Debt—and while Revolution is much smaller than the church they copied down south, they clearly made a massive difference themselves.

“We did this because we believe it is the church’s job to be radically good news to the people in its community,” Camacho said in an interview with Fox News. “We want our city to look and feel different because we are here, period.”

The church’s method of changing worship to make it more inclusive and friendly has likely already made an impact in Annapolis. But thanks to their charity work as well, it’s clear that the city is going to just keep getting better thanks to their presence!