Melania Trump’s Secretive Sister Lifts the Veil on Behind-the-Scenes Family Life

May 16, 2019 Updated: May 17, 2019

You hear the name “Melania Trump” and what do you think? Grace, prestige, fierce mom, opinionated sidekick? Perhaps any number of these accolades and more. Melania is increasingly revered as a First Lady who has her own agenda and is not afraid to speak her opinion, but did you know that she used to be so, well … adorable?!

President Trump and the First Lady attend the 2018 NATO Summit on July 11, 2018 (©Getty Images | Sean Gallup)

Melania’s number one confidante, her soul sister and best friend, just so happens to be her actual sister, Ines Knauss. And Ines, to the surprise and delight of the internet, has shared photos of her sister and their family from before the First Lady was famous.

Far be it from us to suggest whether Melania was tickled or mortified by the throwback montage, but having referred to her sister as “an incredible woman” in a past speech at the Republican National Convention, we’re willing to bet that Ines is already forgiven.

Happy b day M

Posted by Ines Knauss on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

According to CNN, Ines lives in the Trump Park Avenue property, a fact augmented by an article from the New York Post, which suggests that the 51-year-old sister of the president’s wife lives in a US$2 million, one-bedroom apartment owned by the Trump Organization.

Ines was Melania’s maid of honor at the presidential wedding ceremony at Palm Beach in 2005, too. They even look strikingly alike. If that’s not the sign of a very close bond, then we don’t know what is. Ines, much like her younger sister, favors privacy. In fact, there is very little photographic evidence of the First Lady’s older sister at all, save for a snap of the siblings in Mar-a-Lago back in 2005; they attended a Valentino fashion luncheon for Boys Club of New York.

“They are very close,” Palm Beach philanthropist Audrey Gruss commented.

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Monday memories

Bài viết do ines knauss (@inesknauss2018) chia sẻ vào

Ines, an artist, prefers to keep her Twitter account private, but has shared a number of adorable photos from the family archives on both Facebook and Instagram, and we can’t get enough. Often referring to her younger sister simply as “M,” Ines shared old modeling portraits, images of their beautiful parents from the early 197os, and even intimate snaps from inside the family home in Slovenia.

Throwback photos even included some of Melania and Ines’s own fashion designs. “Once she learned to draw,” GQ reported, “Melania sketched her own designs, and her mother or sister sewed them.”

“Melania also made her own jewelry.”

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#childhood 📷 from 1970 w/ my #sister #Melania

Bài viết do ines knauss (@inesknauss2018) chia sẻ vào

The sisters would later attend design school together in Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, and they were highly focused on their studies. “[Melania] preferred to go home after work,” the GQ profile continued, “to be with her equally quiet and reserved sister.”

The First Lady’s big sister let the photos speak for themselves with minimal, reserved captions, as per her preference for discretion: “Childhood,” she wrote, “Monday memories,” or, quite simply, “Happy b day.” The love, however, is deeply ingrained in the selection of photos she has chosen to share.

📷 M in Milano Italy #FBF 1992

Posted by Ines Knauss on Friday, June 24, 2016

Soul sisters, real sisters, and stunning since the day they were born. Thanks for the throwback photo journey, big sis! Here’s hoping that Ines and Melania’s closeness will forever endure.