Boy Wiping Windshields Both Confused and Thrilled When ‘Angry’ Driver Gives Him a Reward

April 21, 2019 Updated: April 26, 2019

Numerous scenes unfold when we step out of our homes, from sights that are pleasing to ones that are unpleasant. Coming across people who are struggling to make ends meet seems like a common sight these days. While most of them look for an easy way out, there are a few who know that by working hard and maintaining a never-give-up attitude, they can succeed.

While it’s easier to hold a sign and beg or get into stealing and drugs, this kid in Baltimore is making all the difference.

"We all see them… the little boys on the corner of Pratt St. & President St. Waiting for the light to turn red, so…

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Folks in Baltimore are familiar with the little boys on the corner of Pratt St. and President St. They wait for the signal to turn red so that they can get to work.

One day, as the lights turned red, a man stopped the car and saw a little boy walk up to him. The boy just sprayed his Windex and began to clean the windshield with his squeegee.

He didn’t even ask the driver if his windshield needed a wipe.

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The man shared the story with LoveWhatMatters and said in a post: “I gave him a menacing look, that said, ‘I don’t want my windshield washed.’ Undaunted, he kept cleaning my windshield.”

After wiping down the windshield, the little fella walked down to the man and asked, “Sir do you have any change you can spare?”

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The man, looking upset, let out a shriek at the boy, “Did I even ask you to wipe down my windshield???!!”

The boy answered respectfully, “No sir.”

The man again yelled at the boy: “So you just took it upon yourself to wipe down my windshield…. Even though I didn’t ask you to??!! And now you want my spare change??!!”

To this, the boy again replied politely, again, “Yes sir.”

The man screamed at the boy once again: “’Well… I dont have any spare change!!! But you can have this.”

The man looked in his pocket and gave the boy all the money he had on him at that time.

It was about US$11 and the man said that he would’ve been more than happy to give him more if he had more.

Posted by Tavares Evans on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The boy was overjoyed and smiled at the driver, who smiled back at him.

He thanked the man and asked him if he wanted the rest of the windows cleaned.

The man replied laughingly: “Naw… I’m good.”

He encouraged the boy to keep “working hard.”

And added, “It’s going to pay off one day.”

He then snapped a picture of the little boy before continuing on his way.

According to the man, we all come across little boys like him and they tend to annoy us. “Not me though…. they put a smile on my face,” he wrote.

"They always know how to find me…."They asked for $5, I gave them $25. Then I told them to spread it out evenly.I wanted to see how good their math was…#ThreeOfMyFavorites

Posted by Tavares Evans on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The man also shared that it reminded him of his younger days when he used to be that ‘little boy.’ But instead of cleaning windshields, he used to stand outside grocery stores.

He would ask people if he could carry the bags of groceries to their car in return for some spare change.

He would mostly get a ‘no’ for an answer but it taught him one thing—to keep asking.

He could have easily fallen prey to the vices of the world. But to get where he wanted in society, he realized that hard work was the only way.

We often end up ignoring and yelling at boys like these. The man too was at the receiving end once upon a time. But he never gave up.

Posted by Tavares Evans on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

He then concludes by saying, “Think about that…. the next time you think about how these little boys annoy you.”

The post has since then been liked and shared thousands of times. And the comments are full of praise for the little boy.

One user wrote: “These kids did the same thing to me. I told him that I didn’t have any cash. He said this ones [sic] on me. I went found him later and paid him.. Such a sweet kid.”

While another replied: “This is the kind of news that should be on to reflect change in Baltimore.. Someone get this kid on the news!”

This story certainly has a message for all of us. We should try and encourage those who ply their trade honestly no matter how small of a job they do.