Loyal Golden Retriever Insists To Follow Owner After Paramedics Wheel Her Away

By Daniel Cameron, Epoch Times
January 14, 2019 Updated: January 16, 2019

A loyal golden retriever made headlines after jumping into an ambulance after its owner, who had just collapsed mid-walk and was being attended to by paramedics.

The woman, who works as a bartender in the northeastern Chinese city of Daqing, had purportedly had too many drinks the night before, and fell to the ground while she was walking her dog on July 28, 2018.

Illustration – Getty Images | ROBYN BECK

Footage shows the acutely sober golden retriever accompanying the paramedics as they wheel its owner along. The anxious dog makes multiple attempts to get a glance at its inert owner by balancing on its hind legs, and placing both front paws on the moving stretcher. It manages a few sniffs.

A nurse later said that she and the other paramedics were a little apprehensive about approaching the lady on the sidewalk, seeing the dog by her side. They soon realized, however, that the dog was amicable, and it responded positively upon seeing its owner being assisted.

Normally, animals are not allowed into ambulance vehicles, but the crew saw the need for an exception on this occasion.

It was a good thing too, for when the lady came to in the treatment room, the first thing she said was the name of her dog, before hugging the loyal pooch.

A dog’s fervent devotion to its master never ceases to amaze…

Watch the video below: