Little Girl Surrenders Dog at Shelter With a Detailed Heartbreaking Note for New Owner

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
March 25, 2019 Updated: March 30, 2019

Surrendering your dog to the shelter is not the best thing you should do. But if the dog isn’t really a good fit, there’s no other option but to rehome your pet.

One Utah family was faced with such a situation in February 2017.

Not able to provide their brindle Boxer, Rhino Lightning, with the care he needed, the family dropped him off at the Humane Society of Utah—six months after adopting him.

“The family said they loved him very much, but he was just a little too energetic for their young children, they had four kids,” the Humane Society’s spokesman, Deann Shepherd, told KUTV.

✿⊱✿⊱✿⊱HEARTBROKEN CHILD PENS NOTE TO SHELTER AS FAMILY DOG SURRENDERED ~ A spiral notebook filled with pages and pages…

Betty Uriegas 发布于 2017年2月20日周一

Apparently, when Rhino’s family made the decision to return him to the shelter, it broke their 8-year-old daughter’s heart.

The little girl penned heartbreaking messages in a 15-page colorful polka-dot notepad and hung it on Rhino’s collar.

“Hi if you are reading this you must be rhino’s new owner. He was my puppy. I really hope he is in a good environment. I miss him,” the girl began.

Betty Uriegas 发布于 2017年2月20日周一

Betty Uriegas 发布于 2017年2月20日周一

The notepad was filled with instructions from the little girl.

Wanting Rhino to be given the best care, the girl instructed:

“Rhino is a striped dream. His cheeks make a lot of slobber. Please tell Rhino that I love and miss him every night.”

“He likes sleeping under blankets. Take him on at least 2 or 3 runs a day.”

“His full name is Rhino Lightning, then your last name. Please don’t rename him.”

Betty Uriegas 发布于 2017年2月20日周一

Inside, the girl detailed the remainder of Rhino’s information.

She wrote:

“Rhino is a really intelligent puppy. He is a very amazing puppy. Rhino needs lots of attention. He loves people.”

“Rhino is a good dog and he loves cuddles.”

A Utah dog, who won national attention after he was dropped off at the Humane Society of Utah with a heartbreaking handwritten note from the family's daughter, went home with a new family on Monday.

Fox 13 News 发布于 2017年2月22日周三

Luckily, Rhino was adopted by another family in no time.

The story about the little girl leaving the dog a notepad grabbed the nation’s attention, including Melanie Hill of Clearfield.

“That just broke my heart,” Hill told FOX 13.

Hill could connect with Rhino because she too was dropped off by her birth mom at an orphanage.

So, she decided to adopt Rhino.

We have some great news! Rhino Lightning was adopted this afternoon and will join a canine sibling in his new home. We…

The Humane Society of Utah 发布于 2017年2月20日周一

Now that Rhino has found a forever home, the little girl can be at ease.

Hill promised to take good care of the dog and love him as much as the girl did.

Also, she kept the name—Rhino Lightning—and makes it a point to follow the instructions the girl had jotted down in the notebook.

As the girl hoped for, Rhino has a canine sibling, Bentley, a play buddy.

“I want this little girl to know her puppy is smothered in love,” Hill told ABC News.

The little girl not only touched Hill’s heart, she also gave her insight into the pain a person has to go through while giving up someone they love.

With this realization, Hill indicated she will finally be able to let go of the resentment she had toward her birth mom and find inner peace.

“This little girl has totally changed my thought pattern about my birth mother,” Hill said.

It’s sad to see a dog being separated from its family. Thank goodness this story has a wonderful ending!

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