It’s A Boy! Kansas City Chiefs’ Harrison ‘Butt Kicker’ Butker Welcomes Baby Son

January 28, 2019 Updated: January 28, 2019

It’s been a proverbial rollercoaster ride for Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker lately. Scoring a career high in just his second season, and then losing in overtime against New England on Jan. 20, 2019, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the 23-year-old American football champ would be reeling.

However, Butker, or “Butt Kicker” as he is known affectionately amongst his teammates, is celebrating. On Sunday, Jan. 27, he welcomed a baby son into his family. “Meet the newest member of the Butker family!” the player posted excitedly on Twitter, accompanied by a beautiful closeup of the newborn boy, dressed in an adorable, stripy hat.

James Augustine Butker was born at 12:29 a.m., weighing a healthy 9 pounds and 5 ounces (approx. 4 kg).

New dad Harrison then posted another photo of himself, his beautiful wife, Izzy, and their new baby boy. The proud parents wear beaming smiles on their faces.

Speaking of now-wife Izzy on Instagram, Harrison posted: “From the first moments of our relationship, back in freshman year of high school, I always envisioned marrying you and raising a family together … You push me to be a better man.”

We’ve no doubt that Harrison’s new family will not only help soften the blow of recent professional losses but will also imbue the young football star with new energy and enthusiasm for future games.

He’s now got a potentially football-loving son to impress, after all!

Harrison is a star player. He played college football at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he was the all-time leading scorer in school history, and was team captain for his senior season.

Butker made a 54-yard field goal in his second season with the Kansas City Chiefs in a week 16 game against the Seattle Seahawks. It marked a career high and ignited a formidable reputation for the young player.

Kansas City Chiefs fans are still feeling the pain of losing the AFC championship game against the New England Patriots on Jan. 20; the Chiefs lost in overtime. Butker remained humble and optimistic, however. Showing his true character, he took the time to thank football fans on Twitter for their support.

“We’re grateful for you!” Harrison tweeted. “We’ll be back better and stronger for next season. Excited to get back to work. Go Chiefs!!”

It’s encouraging to see how one seasonal setback hasn’t dampened the spirits of this star performer. Keep juggling football and fatherhood, Harrison, and enjoy the game! We’re rooting for you.

Whether you’re a footfall fanatic or a shunner of sporting events, join us in wishing hearty congratulations to Harrison Butker and his beautiful new family!