How Easy Is It to Lure Kids Away? These Strangers Only Needed One Cute Puppy

By Daniel Cameron, Epoch Times
January 12, 2019 Updated: January 12, 2019

Child abduction is a very real thing in today’s society. For parents, this is one lesson they can’t afford to skip.

To warn parents to be vigilant, and strictly teach their children about stranger danger, YouTuber Joey Salads conducted an eye-opening social experiment.

This is one lesson these parents won’t forget.

Donuts is growing up too fast.

Joey Salads 发布于 2014年11月15日周六

To get the ball rolling, Joey approaches a young mother sitting on a park bench. She’s watching her child on the playground.

Joey informs her of his social experiment and explains he’s going to test her young daughter to see if she’ll talk to him.

“I’m pretty sure she’s not going to talk to you, but you can try!” she says with a chuckle.

The mother tells Joey that she tells her daughter almost daily not to trust strangers.

After being granted permission to approach her child with his adorable fluffy pooch, named Donuts, Joey walks up to the young girl.

She falls in love with his puppy straight away and forgets about the playground behind her.

“A puppy!” she cries out, patting it happily.

“I got some more puppies, do you want to see the other puppies?” he asks the girl.

“Yeah!” she responds without a second thought.

Oh dear…

Her mom is seen suddenly covering her mouth in disbelief at the sight of her daughter walking off with a stranger, hand in hand.

The lesson, though heart-stopping, is thankfully only a social experiment.

The subsequent parents all find out how vulnerable their children are to child predators, even though they frequently, if not every day, tell their children to be wary of this danger.

One mom at the end holds her young boy, who had also fallen “victim” to the cute puppy and Joey, and gives him a talking to.

“You have to ask me if you want to go see somebody,” she tells her son. “You know what’s gonna happen? You know what could happen? They can take you, and you won’t be with mommy anymore. Do you want that?”

Parents, prepare yourselves and your children after watching this video: