Homecoming Queen Refuses Crown, Insists It Goes to Friend with Down Syndrome

March 6, 2019 Updated: March 18, 2019

Being crowned homecoming queen is something many young girls dream of. It’s an honor that not many achieve. However, when this young lady got this chance, she had other ideas.

Zebony Davis, a senior from Turner County High School, Georgia, had decided that if she won the crown, she’d ask her classmate and friend Faith Dobbs, who suffers from Down syndrome, to escort her to the ceremony, reported WALB News 10.

On that precious day, Zebony was eventually voted as the homecoming queen. And her reaction to receiving the glittering crown was totally unexpected.

Homecoming Queen gives up her crown

It was beautiful talking with Zebony and Faith today. Zebony took the homecoming crown and gave it to her friend, Faith because she says it was the right thing to do. Full Story: https://bit.ly/2MVPlmv

Marilyn Parker WALB 发布于 2018年9月23日周日

“Give it to Faith,” Zebony instructed, and Faith stood proudly as she was crowned.

“And then I went and took Faith’s hand and gave her the crown because that was just the right thing to do. And she deserved it you know,” Zebony said, according to WXTL.

Deborah Sipes Priest captured the moments on camera and shared the story on Facebook.

Kim Guess puts crown on Faith at the request of Zebony, who won Homecoming Queen. Zebony gave up her crown for Faith. …

Sheila Peace Hobbs 发布于 2018年9月16日周日

Deborah wrote: “Zebony realized that building someone else up was more important … My heart is full tonight.”

“Watching the most a smart, genuine, and precious girl, pass on her honor to make someone else feel loved. Zebony Davis, I am looking forward to seeing how God blesses you. You will go far in life,” Deborah added.

Deborah Sipes Priest 发布于 2018年9月14日周五

Not only this, while the sweetest homecoming queens were walking off the field amidst applause and cheers, Faith said that her footwear was hurting her.

The graciously kind Zebony, once again, set a shining example of being humble and compassionate.

Deborah shared that Zebony then “stopped and served Faith by helping her take her shoes off.”

Deborah Sipes Priest 发布于 2018年9月14日周五

Zebony summed up her own feelings, saying, “I guess it touched a lot of people’s hearts, but all I really wanted to do was touch Faith, and her parents, and her family’s hearts.”

“Be the person someone would want someone to be to you no matter, no matter what,” Zebony added.