Grandma Makes Magic When She Dons Bridal Gown She Wore 63 Years Ago

February 19, 2019 Updated: February 19, 2019

No matter how old or young they are, girls will always be girls. When this granddaughter was helping her grammy move, she stumbled upon a unique box that contained the tender recollections of a time past.

Amy Buchan Kavelaras’s grandmother, Ruth, was moving to a facility, so Amy dropped by her home to see if she might need help moving.

Happy 90th birthday to my beautiful "Princess Grammy"!!! We threw a surprise birthday party at her retirement home today…

Amy Buchan Kavelaras 发布于 2017年4月15日周六

Among the many boxes in her grandmother’s home was one that, within its dark recesses, lay grandma Ruth’s bridal dress, which she had lovingly stored away just like the memories of her husband that Ruth keeps within her heart.

Between its ruffles and delicate lace are the precious memories of the beautiful day Ruth became Jack’s wife.

My sweet Grammy…:)

Amy Buchan Kavelaras 发布于 2015年11月9日周一

Amy dearly wanted to see what the dress looked like on her grandmama.

“My grandma Ruth stayed married to my grandpa Jack his entire life until he died in 2000,” she explained in a Facebook post. “She misses him every day. They had a love that spanned the ages.”

After a little convincing from Amy, Grandma Ruth donned the dress she wore to her wedding, in which she married the man of her dreams, more than six decades ago.

While packing up my Grammy's house to move her out into an assisted living facility a couple years ago we found her…

Amy Buchan Kavelaras 发布于 2016年9月6日周二

As Ruth stood in the long white dress, complete with veil and white shoes, she looked just like a fragile fairy to Amy. In her aged hands, she held a photo of her and Jack on their special day in 1953.

Amy’s mom took a photo and because Amy was so enchanted by the image, Ruth agreed to have Amy share it on her Facebook page.