Girl Who Dreams of Becoming UPS Driver When She Grows Up Meets Her Amazing Hero

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
January 9, 2019 Updated: May 4, 2019

What are the little things that will make you smile? A little girl of Missouri, Texas, who is batting a rare genetic disorder, simply lights up whenever she sees the familiar UPS brown truck and its driver pass by her house.

Meet 6-year-old Parson Blue Harrington from Jasper County, whose fun-loving personality belies the hardships she endured ever since she was born.

Parson hadn’t had the best start in life. Born with a rare genetic disorder that cut off oxygen from reaching her lungs, she had gone through a double lung transplant at just 11 months old back in June 2013.

Photo courtesy of UPS

Now, Parson is required to take 12 different medications daily and is fed nutrition via a tube. However, the suffering didn’t stop the little girl from loving life.

Parson is a cheerful girl with a radiant smile, and she beams even brighter when her best friend—a UPS lady driver—stops by her house.

“She loves coming home and getting packages from the UPS lady,” said Parson’s mother, Jennifer Herrington, according to 12News.

Parson’s special bond with the UPS driver began after her family initiated a book drive called Parson Blue Book Club, in a bid to give back to Texas Children’s Hospital. Since then, drivers—all men—came knocking on the family’s door to deliver packages that contained books.

“And most of those (packages and books) were delivered by our friendly UPS drivers,” Jennifer Herrington told KTRE.

Parson might well have thought UPS drivers were all men had her dad, Rodney Herrington, not introduced her to a female UPS driver named Tammy Patrick, who had been delivering packages to the Herringtons’ house for two months.

As Patrick made trips to deliver mail to the Herringtons, she noticed the packages included boxes of medicine and books. Curious about the medicine, Patrick struck up a conversation with Rodney Herrington, and she met Parson after learning about her health condition.

Parson and Patrick hit it off as soon as they started talking. From then on, the two friends couldn’t wait to see each other each day.

Trading off the toys and books from the big truck to the little truck. ❤️

Posted by Jennifer Sheffield Herrington on Thursday, December 6, 2018

“The second I turn on that road I’m smiling. I can’t wait to get here and honk the horn and see her reaction, she’s so happy to see me,” Patrick said.

“She’s kind of a shy little girl but she wasn’t with me.”

Parson’s situation struck a chord with Patrick as her little brother had been hospitalized at Texas Children’s Hospital due to lymphoma.

“She stole my heart,” Patrick said. “This little girl came into this world struggling for every breath just to stay alive.”

So, before Parson returned to Texas Children’s over the summer in 2018 to undergo numerous tests, the kind Patrick gave her a UPS brown cap so as to encourage her to be brave and strong—like UPS lady drivers.

Posted by Tammy Patrick on Thursday, September 20, 2018

Apparently, Parson loved the UPS cap so much that she wore it every time she underwent CAT scans, had blood drawn, or had EKGs.

To Parson, Patrick is more than a best friend. In the girl’s mind, she’s also a hero and a role model.

Because of Patrick, Parson dreams of becoming a UPS driver when she grows up.

And in October 2018, Parson had her dream fulfilled as she spent a day with Patrick as a tiny UPS assistant.

Even more amazing, following the memorable work day, she received a special delivery of her own—a mini UPS truck gifted by the package delivery company as part of its annual “Wishes Delivered Campaign.”

Photo courtesy of UPS

The little girl was exhilarated as she drove the child-size truck around the pavement.

“This little girl’s dream got to come true today, and I hope I give her enough encouragement and confidence that she’ll do anything she wants,” Patrick said.

“In some very important ways, these wishes inspire us and celebrate our human connections,” UPS Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Warren told Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Friendships like Tammy’s and Parson’s are undeniably another one of those little things in life that make us smile a little brighter. With Patrick’s friendship, Jennifer and Rodney Herrington can rest assured Parson will not go alone in her life journey.

Photo courtesy of UPS
Photo courtesy of UPS

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