Garth Brooks Superfan Fighting Stage 4 Cancer Is Gifted VIP Concert Tickets from Her Idol

March 16, 2019 Updated: March 16, 2019

Country legend Garth Brooks is a man of his word. And superfan Victoria Frederick can testify to that, owing to a generous gesture from the American songwriter that made her year.

Frederick has stage 4 colon cancer that is spreading throughout her body, causing huge distress both physically and psychologically. On top of enduring chemotherapy, Frederick has a loving family who are desperately invested in her health.

Victoria Robert L Frederick 发布于 2018年9月5日周三

Frederick, however, is admirably stoic and determined to focus on the little things in life that bring her joy. One of these is the music of country singer-songwriter Garth Brooks, and Frederick had tickets to his concert at the Notre Dame Stadium, Indiana, back in October of 2018. Seeking respite and distraction from her battle with cancer, Frederick was looking forward to it.

Sadly, when the date of the concert came around, Frederick was too sick to attend. “I was just coming off of a chemo round and it was too cold for me to go,” Frederick told WSBT. “I really wanted to go but knew better.” Cold weather can trigger neuropathy–symptoms of which include weakness, numbness, and pain–which is an alarmingly common side effect of chemotherapy.

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Frederick wasn’t able to attend the concert at Notre Dame, but her children were. And while resting at home, Frederick received a very unexpected surprise: a personal video from Garth Brooks. Frederick’s son Ean hunted the singer down backstage, and Brooks’s response to Frederick’s story was nothing short of spectacular. Brooks offered Frederick flights and VIP tickets to his upcoming stadium tour.

“Here’s the deal, OK,” the singer began. “Me and you are gonna have a date. We’re gonna make up for this. You tell me where you want to go on the tour and I’ll fly you there.”

So it seems my son Ean Frederick has “Friends in low Places”. He told some one he knew about my journey. Then last night before the Garth Brooks show that I wanted to attend so badly but couldn’t because of my health. I got this video from my kids who were there. I am going on a date with a Class Act!! All expenses paid VIP Guest to whatever show I feel good enough to attend to see Garth Brooks. I was so emotionally high last night and shed many joyful tears!

Victoria Robert L Frederick 发布于 2018年10月21日周日

“I was like this is really for real!” Frederick exclaimed, overjoyed at her second chance to enjoy Brooks in concert, in better health than the last time. She had to pinch herself: “It’s happening.”

As if free tickets weren’t enough, the starstruck Frederick was able to spend a little time with her idol after the sound check in Indianapolis. Son Ean chronicled the weekend on Facebook: “We were escorted to the front row of the stadium for the whole soundcheck which had about 75 people in attendance,” Frederick’s son shared.

Well friends, a wish came true for my momma this weekend. She was given royal treatment as her and I flew to St Louis to…

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Frederick herself was bowled over. “He gave me a hug and told me he was praying for me,” she recalled. “[He] understood my fight was a tough one.”

Music has the power to transport hearts, minds, and bodies to better places, and as Frederick sat beside her loving husband, Bob, and two children, her chronic pain momentarily lost its momentum. Bob, hearing the first few chords of his wife’s favorite song, asked her to dance. “It was peaceful,” said Frederick. Her husband agreed, feeling equally transported: “It was just a lot of love and just emotion there,” he shared.

Ean Frederick 发布于 2019年3月9日周六

Sometimes it takes the soothing vocal stylings of a favorite singer to remind you to be in the moment. Listening to her favorite song, dancing in the front row with her husband, Frederick’s worries were suddenly a million miles away.

“My future is uncertain,” Frederick shared candidly, on her own Facebook page. “I was truly blessed by my children’s gesture. Thank you Garth and Trisha [Yearwood] for not disappointing me, the concert was phenomenal.”

This one deserves a post of its own. Dad hates crowds but for this adventure he braved them. When Garth played his favorite song which happens to be Momma’s favorite as well. Dad got up and asked mom to dance. How sweet and precious this moment was….

Emily Frederick 发布于 2019年3月11日周一

Frederick continues to fight, harnessing the combined strength of herself, friends, family, and loved ones. Not to mention, she now has Garth Brooks and his entourage firmly on her side: “You have all of our strength, all of our love,” the singer said.