Firefighters Save Girl’s Bday with Special Cake Delivery After Original Gets Destroyed

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
March 5, 2019 Updated: March 17, 2019

Stories of first responders going above and beyond the call of duty to help a stranger in need certainly tugs at your heartstrings.

This is exactly what happened when a group of firefighters from Monroe Fire Department in Wisconsin received a call of a possible fire situation but instead ended up delivering a cake to the little girl in the house.

It was a Wednesday afternoon on Dec. 28, 2016, when the Monroe Fire Department received a call for help regarding a possible stove fire at 100 block of N 20th Ave, Monroe.

Monroe Fire Department 发布于 2016年12月26日周一

The crew from the Monroe Fire Department soon arrived on the scene.

To their surprise, the firefighters found no fire but instead detected a burnt electrical smell.

During their investigation, “it was determined that there was a birthday cake in the oven,” the Monroe Fire Department wrote in a Facebook post.

It transpired that cake was baked for a little girl’s fourth birthday, but unfortunately, “The cake did not have a chance to finish cooking.”

Monroe Fire Department 发布于 2016年12月15日周四

But what’s a birthday without a cake? Feeling pity for the little girl, the firefighters decided to do what they could to save the day.

They went an extra mile to get the little girl a birthday cake from Dairy Queen in Monroe.

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Dairy Queen 发布于 2017年8月1日周二

But the sweetest thing the crew did was sing a “Happy Birthday” song for the little girl.

They also snapped a picture with her in order to remember the happy occasion.

The Department then uploaded the photo of the heartwarming moment and concluded the post, writing, “Thanks to the Dairy Queen in Monroe, the fire department was able to give the girl a cake and sing happy birthday to her. It sure made her 4th birthday memorable.”

Indeed, what are the odds of celebrating your birthday with members from the fire department?

This afternoon, the Monroe Fire Department responded to 100 block of N 20th Ave for the report of a possible stove fire….

Monroe Fire Department 发布于 2016年12月28日周三

The Department’s post has since received more than 6,900 reactions, with many singing praises for the awesome firefighters.

“We need MORE of these kinds of stories. These are what heroes look like, just ask the little girl! 🙂 Happy Birthday, honey! You guys ROCK!” one user wrote.

Another commented, “Way to go m.f.d. you guys don’t get enough thank yous and she will always remember her 4th bday.”

Monroe Fire Department 发布于 2017年3月20日周一

“They run in to dangerous situations while the rest of us run away from it. Great to see firefighters getting some attention for one of the little things they do that make our world that much better. Thanks, guys!” another proud netizen wrote.

While one remarked, “This was so sweet of them. It’s not every day a little girl has firemen come with a cake and get to sing to. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE LADY.”

International Firefighters’ Day is observed each year on 4th May. On this date you are invited to remember the past…

Monroe Fire Department 发布于 2017年5月4日周四

Despite having a stressful job that requires keeping us safe from possible danger, they went the extra mile to make a little girl happy. They’re surely beyond awesome!

Kudos to the squad for their selfless and heart-melting act to make sure this girl had an unforgettable fourth birthday.

You never know whose day you are about to light up, so keep spreading these random acts of compassion.