Estonian Police to Carry Teddy Bears

May 1, 2017 Updated: May 1, 2017

TALLINN—Estonia’s police will soon carry teddy bears in their patrol cars to comfort children caught up accidents or distressing situations, the organizer of the charity Traumamommik (Trauma Teddy) told Reuters.

The plan calls for the cuddly toys to be added to the Baltic state’s 100 police patrol cars in time for Children’s Day, which is celebrated in Estonia on June 1.

Additional bears will be kept at police stations.

“The teddy bears will hopefully help lift the spirits of these kids and be a support if the children need it,” said 25-year-old Kaur Vahtrik, the organizer of the charity.

He got the idea when a friend was involved in an accident, he said.

According to Estonian police statistics, around 200 children a year are involved in traffic accidents.

The teddy bears will also be used to help comfort children caught up in other situations as well, like domestic violence, police officer Lea Barenson said. 

The crowd-funded project HuggyBear, which Vahtrik is organizing, aims to buy 1,000 teddy bears.