Elderly Woman With Alzheimer’s Climbs Down Residential Building

May 2, 2019 Updated: May 2, 2019

An elderly woman with Alzheimer’s was rescued, uninjured, after climbing out the window of her 14th story residence, all the way down to the fifth floor.

The 84-year-old woman, who was not named, descended the building by holding on to ladder-like structures that support air condition units, according to multiple media outlets. The incident occurred at a residential building in Chengdu City, China on April 25.

Woman building climb
The crowd gathered around outside to see the woman on the building. (User: Red Star News/weibo.com)

The Descent

The property manager of the building said the elderly woman stayed at home because she has Alzheimer’s disease.

Since the weather was hot that day, the woman wanted to get out of the house. But she was unable to open the door because her family members locked it when they left for work, according to Chinese news outlet ThePaper.cn.

Woman climb building
A view from another high rise. (User: Red Star News/weibo.com)

She then crawled out of a window in the bathroom, and began her descent.

Employees and residents at the building gathered on the ground floor below her with a bed sheet pulled taut, in case she fell.

Woman building climb
Residents and employees with a blank. (User: Pear Videos/weibo.com)

Other residents shot cellphone footage of the woman climbing down the building as she held on to ladder-like structures. One man said that she took her time, according to ThePaper.cn.

Woman climb building
The woman stuck on the ledge. (User: Red Star News/weibo.com)

“The firefighters came to rescue her, and she had already gone down to the fifth floor,” the property manager, surnamed Zhou, told Red Star News. “The resident on the fifth floor quickly opened the window, and she was pulled inside.”

Woman climb building
The rescue. (user: Pear Videos / weibo.com)

After rescuing the elderly woman, the employees gave her food and water.

Woman climb building
The woman telling her story after the rescue. (User: Red Star News / weibo.com)

The family members then came and took her home.