Doctors Say Little Girl With Spina Bifida Would Never Walk, but She Proves Them All Wrong

June 1, 2019 Updated: June 6, 2019

Doctors told Terry and Kenneth Parker, of Durham, North Carolina, that their daughter may never walk. Learning of her diagnosis, spina bifida, the heartbroken parents vowed nevertheless to love and care for their daughter as best they could.

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Kenydii Parker’s condition means that her spinal cord failed to develop properly in utero. After enduring the first four years of her life in a wheelchair, however, Kenydii has proven herself to be a fighter, and no amount of adversity can wipe the irresistible smile from her face.

“She’s very talkative, she’s a character,” Kenydii’s father Kenneth shared, according to Inspire More. “She has a great sense of humor … She’s always dancing. She loves music, that’s one of her favorite things.”

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The little girl’s aunt, Yvette Parker, shared in a Facebook post that Kenydii was diagnosed with spina bifida when her mother was almost five months pregnant, and the likelihood was that Kenydii would never walk. “With GOD grace and prayers we gonna prove those doctors wrong!” Yvette continued, and the family’s tenacity has paid off.

The little girl has always remained positive that she would find a way to walk one day. “She’s gonna do what she wants to do,” said her father. “She said just about every day that she’s gonna walk, no matter what. Even when she had the cast on her leg,” Kenneth continued, “she’d jump off the couch.”

“She never gives up.”

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The world had better believe that Kenydii keeps to her word, as on Feb. 25, 2019, the tenacious 4-year-old shocked and delighted a playground full of encouraging classmates as she took her very first steps. The reveal wasn’t exactly planned. Kenydii was in the middle of physical therapy, using her walker, when a group of classmates from the W.G. Pearson Elementary School oversaw her incredible progress.

An encouraging chant rose quickly from the crowd: “Kenydii! Kenydii! Kenydii!”

Today starts Day 2 come on my luv you got this#Never say never#GOD has the last word🙏🏾🙏🏾This is truly the happiest day of her life💯❤️#Spina Bifida

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The little girl’s aunt was nearby and caught the heartwarming moment on camera. As Kenydii continued placing one foot in front of the other, she couldn’t help but let out a huge giggle in synchronicity with her joyous classmates. Kenydii’s aunt joined in: “Yay, girl! Look at you go! They’re cheering for you!”

“A class came outside and saw her walking,” Yvette recalled. “They started rooting her on!” The aunt, close to tears, admitted that she was shocked. “I couldn’t believe she actually was walking,” she shared, “and the smile on her face was breathtaking.”

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As Kenydii’s first steps were so unprecedented, Kenydii’s mom and dad were only privy to the video hours later. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“The first time I saw the video, I was at work,” Kenneth said. “It broke me down because everyone was cheering her on.” It was a “beautiful thing,” the doting father continued, to see his young daughter achieving her longest-held desire: to walk.

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“I woke up this am with tears of happiness in my soul and joy in my heart,” Yvette shared with the world, after logging on to see the overwhelming response to her video on social media. To date, the clip has welcomed over 5.6 million views. “Her smile and personality will melt your heart,” Yvette shared of her beautiful niece. “Kenydii will continue to warm our hearts as her journey continues. [She] is truly a unique child.”

Today, walking. Tomorrow … dancing? Kenydii, we’re cheering for you too!