Disabled Widow Faces $2500 City Fines for Garbage-Filled Yard She Can’t Clean–Until a Few Strangers Save the Day

July 8, 2019 Updated: July 15, 2019

When 90-year-old widow Agnes Maples reached a point where her health made it difficult for her to get around easily, she should have been able to turn to family to help her take care of herself and her property.

Instead, a relative decided to make the heartbreaking choice to take advantage of her. For years, they opted to use her property as a dumping ground for trash and debris, adding to a growing pile that started to take over her entire yard. The elderly Maples was unable to move the garbage herself, and her fixed income would make it difficult for her to do anything else about it.

For years, she allowed it to happen, unsure of how she could stop it on her own. But when the city started to threaten her with fines worth as much as $2,500 a day until she cleaned her yard up, the elderly retiree turned to a group called Operation Blessing, a non-profit that provides everything from disaster relief and orphan care to humanitarian aid, to plead for some help.

What she got instead was much more than she could have ever imagined.

Agnes, 90, received complaints from neighbors about her messy property. The city threatened to charge her thousands if…

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Maples explained in her request to Operation Blessing that she just needed some help cleaning up and disposing of all the litter that her relative had been dumping over time.

They agreed to come and clean up the garbage, letting her know that they’d tear down a dilapidated shed and a trailer on her property in the process. But unbeknownst to her, they had made plans with a group of volunteers to do so much more when all was said and done.

Maples suffered from poor health and limited mobility, so her home had fallen into disrepair over time. She had a problem with her roof and some cracks that were letting animals into the house, and she lacked a working air conditioner to help her get through the grueling summer months.

A relative used Agnes’ home as a dumping ground for debris and trash. The city threatened to charge $2,500 if the…

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Not only did the volunteers with Operation Blessing clear out the accumulated trash, they also repaired her roof, added a walkway to help her get around the property in her walker, and put in a flowerbed to brighten up the yard, Then, to top everything off, they surprised her with the thing she most desperately needed—a brand-new air conditioner to keep her home cool.

When she spoke to the Christian Broadcasting Network, she explained that the entire ordeal left her with a reminder that she’s blessed.

“I have been blessed and blessed and God has never left me,” Agnes said.

The look on her face when they surprised her with the air conditioner was absolutely delightful. Hopefully, she’s found a way to deal with her problem relatives so that they respect her living space—and in the meantime, she has a new, pleasant living arrangement to help her feel some peace of mind.