Depressed 55-Year-Old Lady Gets Life-Changing Makeover by ‘The Makeover Guy’

June 10, 2019 Updated: June 15, 2019

Nobody said being in their fifties was easy. Sure, if you had a family, your kids have all grown up and you’re headed toward retirement; there could be a lot of leisure time (and cocktails!) to look forward to. But it could also be a time when dwindling responsibilities leave a person feeling flat.

Pay no attention to the man behind the green curtain. PLEASE!!!!!!

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For Patricia, life in Fargo, North Dakota, had become less than inspiring. Patricia plucked up the courage and will to approach Christopher Hopkins, a.k.a. “The Makeover Guy,” for a style revamp. She was honest about her reason for calling. “I’m 55 and I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning,” she admitted to the studio cameras.

“I watch Netflix and I eat Twinkies and watch romance things,” she said. “And then I heard about Christopher.” Christopher is an author and makeover artist, daytime TV veteran, and epic self-confidence booster since the early 1990s. Today, he owns and runs Makeover Guy Appearance Studios in Minneapolis.

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Putting her life (well, that’s a little dramatic; her physical appearance at least) in the hands of the experts, Patricia had no trouble sitting back in the comfy salon chair and letting Christopher work his magic. “I trust him completely,” she told the camera. “As long as he doesn’t want to shave me and make me look like a poodle!”

Luckily for the witty 55-year-old, Christopher had something far more elegant in mind. And by the looks of her show-stopping transformation, she was absolutely right to trust the style aficionado; Christopher, as he proves time and time again, really knows how to put a look together.

The hair team teased Patricia’s natural wave and upgraded her color to a neutral blonde (Illustration – Shutterstock | t.max)

As her makeover was revealed, Patricia looked nothing short of movie star glamorous and easily 10 years younger. “It’s exceeded my wildest expectations,” she shared, gently flicking her new sassy bob haircut from side to side. Calling the makeover team “kind,” because they “filled up my cocktails,” Patricia added that she was grateful for being made to feel like “the only person in the room.”

Delivering much more than A-list style, Christopher ensures A-list treatment, too!

Christopher proudly posted Patricia’s successful makeover on YouTube, adding his own synopsis. “Patricia came in from Fargo, North Dakota, with no restrictions,” he began. She had “very fine, weak hair,” but the team “used her natural wave and toned the color with a neutral blonde on blonde.”

With clever makeup, Christopher improved the arch and definition of Patricia’s eyebrows, and a “smooth but colorful, cool-toned makeup palette” brought out the best of the 55-year-old’s natural beauty. “A stunner!” Christopher exclaimed, and it seems the public agrees.

What a pretty woman! #makeover

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“Wow, that haircut was like a facelift,” wrote one YouTube viewer. “I heard ‘Mitzi Gaynor’ called out,” wrote another perceptive makeover fan, “and yep! She looks very Mitzi!” Do you agree?

Echoing Patricia’s own enthusiasm, many people were gunning for the beautiful woman to embrace her makeover and rejoin the joys of the outside world. “Get out there girl! You look stunningly gorgeous!” wrote one emphatic supporter. “Smart girl trusting the experts. They hit another home run!”

After Christopher’s finishing touches were complete, Patricia triumphantly declared, “No more Twinkies! I’m getting out of bed, life is good!” Christopher’s reputation preceded him, but after her winning experience, Patricia is now a firm advocate for the unique power of the Makeover Guy treatment.

“I’m 55!” the beauty exclaimed. “Ready to start life, start living and get out there. I would recommend this to anybody.”