Dad Bursts Out Laughing When He Sees Face of the Horse Daughter’s Taking Selfies with

February 28, 2019 Updated: March 14, 2019

When this little lady and her dad decided to do a photograph with her next to a pair of reigned steeds, all was going according to plan until one horse decided to get a bit comical.  Just when Dad snapped the shot, the majestic beast totally photobombed it, bearing his big pearly whites behind her!

This sweet little lady and her family were enjoying a day out when they saw the reigned, beautiful Clydesdale horses standing proudly nearby. Such fancy steeds are known for the flowing, long white hair covering their lower legs, like booties, from hock to hoof. No wonder they wanted a photo with one of these gentle giants—such natural beauty!

Clydesdale photobomb. – Scott H

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After managing to get both the girl and horse nicely in the frame, everything was set. She smiled and posed beautifully, and just when everything was perfect, the horse just had to do what every little kid wants to do in a perfect picture: make a funny face!

It turned out this Clydesdale horse was not all pomp and majesty; he also had a sense of humor it seemed and just wanted to be part of the fun and laughter like all the rest.

The photobomb image has since taken the internet by storm on Reddit and Facebook. When The Wolf 101.5 FM posted it on their Facebook page, the hilarious photobomb got some high praise from netizens for making them laugh:

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